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    Do you believe Analogy while making a decision?

    The word Analogy meaning in Dictionary is "a comparison between one thing to another, typically for the purpose of explanation or clarification" so when you start to take a decision for doing of some task do you compare what happens before doing that similar kind of task. If the past experience of doing the task was a bitter experience. Do you dare to start that task again? Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question
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    Yes I do compare previous experiences before taking the decisions and I find nothing wrong in it as my past experiences make me learn about my mistakes I did in the past and help me to take better decision.

    Its of no use that you don't learn from your past mistakes. Sometimes it happens a new problem arise in that case I do take guidance from people who have observed the similar issue and learn from their experience. Sometimes I have to take risk also as we have to take risks in life and thats a part of life if you don't take risk you won't move ahead in your life.


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    Well decision comes into picture when you have two equally tempting choices. In that case you don't have much to work with. I used intuition rather than analogy most times. Intuition is a sense too. A sense of opportunity.
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    We learn by experience and definitely taking up a job after getting comparison with similar ones is always a recommended practice. Only thing is that every job or task may have its own intricacies and exact similarity may not be there. So, one has to be prepared for dynamic corrections as well as mid course corrections depending upon the performance reflections.

    Exactly matching jobs are easy to handle as one has to repeat the earlier successful attempt and there is not much to think and concentrate.

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    A decision is always taken based on many things and if we have previous experience on any issue then it becomes easier to come to a conclusion. While working on something, if we face any difficult situation and ultimately abandon the work then there is always a chance to analyze things. While analyzing things we may find few more options to do the work, so we need to choose the options that suits the best by comparing different parameters.

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    Analogy. intuition, previous experiences, suggestions from known people and many other things will have a say in taking a decision about an issue. Actually, the analogy is very important for taking a decision. In similar situations how we acted and how others reacted etc., are very important for considering a suitable decision to the present problem. In fact before finalising the roadmap for any issue to solve we should take many issues into consideration. For this, our previous experience in similar conditions earlier will provide a good lead for us.
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    This is quite a natural way of doing things so as to come-up with something better & improved. But many if us don't behave so & therefore tend to face the issues & problems repeatedly & prove themselves as fool.

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