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Love the sounds of bells? Here's a resounding puzzle! Send your entry no later than midnight tonight and win cash prizes.
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    Where do the bells tinkle, chime, toll...fastest fingers first to ring them, earn more!

    "For whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee." - this is a famous quote by John Donne. This puzzle for ISCians is not about for whom the bells ring, but where they ring. Whether you are fascinated by bells or not, do try this puzzle; but hurry....this is a quick puzzle, open only for today!

    What you have to do: See the attached Word doc of three pages. There are seven images on it with a query above each image. The number of letters in an answer is not provided. Send the list of answers only (no images to be sent, no attachments to be sent) to my Gmail ID which is provided in the Word doc. After you send your entry, please put a response to this thread, mentioning that you have done so. This will let us know that you participated and your points and cc for correct answers will be credited to this thread's response itself.

    Note: You can give one-word answers or answer in a brief sentence (e.g. Garden or This is inside a garden). While answers should match the answer key, for this puzzle some leeway will be given for optional answers (e.g. some people write Hotel instead of a restaurant; Park instead of a garden) which are somewhat closely accurate. However, the decision of the organizer and that of the non-participating editors on the jury about the accuracy of the answer will be final.

    Main prize: Since this is a very easy puzzle, the cash award is less than for previous puzzles. Rs.50/- and 25 points will be given to the first three participants who get all the answers correct. The fourth to get all correct will get Rs.40/- and 20 points. All the participants will get points and cc as mentioned in the Word doc.

    Closing time: 12 midnight tonight (IST). Entries sent after this time will not be valid for the main prizes or for the participation points and cc.
  • The Bells Picture Puzzle (161902-1-The-Bells-Picture-Puzzle.doc)
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    I have sent my hurried response at 12:02 pm.

  • #651543
    I have rung all the seven bells at 1211 hrs today. Please confirm you have heard them.
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  • #651544
    I have mailed my answers (guesses).
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  • #651545
    I have sent my answers.

  • #651547
    I have submitted my answers at 1455 hrs.
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    I have sent my entries at 3:10 PM.
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    I have send my answers.

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    Received the first seven quick entries as follows -
    1. Neethu
    2. Sun
    3. Juana
    4. Soundharya
    5. Umesh
    6. Neeru Bhatt
    7. Sanjeev Gupta

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    I have given my answers too. Thank you.
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    Vandana Madam, I have just sent my answers to your email id.

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    Sent the reply just now in the given e-mail id.
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    I have sent my answers.

  • #651574
    Right now I emailed my answers for the Bell quiz.

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    I have received the remaining entries as follows -
    1. Aditya Mohan
    2. Sankalan Bhattacharya
    3. Partha K.
    4. Mallela Jyothi
    5. Shampa Sadhya

    Thanks, everyone, for participating - and look out for the next one!

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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