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    The best friendship to appreciate


    A friend in need is a friend indeed (or) A friend indeed is a friend in need. A good proverb. Let us discuss whose friendship in the epics or history is great.

    Is it the friendship between Krishna and Sudama or Duryodhan and Karna?
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    Mr. SuN has suggested examples of friendships from Epics or History. Suggested example are from Epics only. May be that an example from history will be difficult. I also thought about history. No true examples could be seen. Certain examples, like two kings joining together as friends just to defeat a common enemy, could be seen. At the same time certain persons, who are thick friends could be seen around us in this society. Even there is not much.
    Let us wait for the responses from others. In history itself, perhaps, certain kings or heads of States might had been there.


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    I think Karna and Duryodhana, because they were not friends from childhood. They probably met in their adolescence and Karna vowed to protect and fight for Duryodhana. He also had a significant impact on Duryodhans life but we hardly hear something like that about Sudhama. But I am at loss of interpretation here. Sudhama did his dharma as a Brahmin, by asking for money. Karna did his dharma being a Kshatriya by birth. What can I infer from this even? If Krishna had asked Sudhama to kill. ...he would have? If Duryodhana asked Karna he would have because that falls under his dharma.
    Would you ask your friend to go against his dharma ? Is that a test of friendship you are going to offer? If that is not the case then there is no way to tell who had a better friendship. But from a narrative point of view Karna was an important character hence he's a better friend.

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    How to define a good friendship. Duryodhana has given kingdom to Karna with a hope that he will fight for him and he will win over Pandavas. So whatever Duryodhana has done is with a selfish motto. In the same way Karna was with Duryodhana as he has given him kingdom. When Kunti approached him, he promised her that he will not kill four of the five Pandavas. He told that he will not leave a chance if he gets to kill Arjuna. If he was really a friend of Duryodhana he might not have given this assurance to his mother. By killing other Pandavas he might have weakened Arjuna. So this duo are friends with some expectations from each other.
    Coming to Sudhama he never shown good qualities of a friend. He had gone to Krishna for getting money for his living. But the affection shown by Lord Krishna is an excellent one. He helped his friend without expecting any thing from his friend. So I feel Krishna was a true friend but not Sudhama.
    I think Rukmi and Sisupala are good friends. Rukmi was ready to get him married with his sister because he was a good friend of him. Sisupala reciprocated his friendship to Rukmi also by fighting with Krishna to help Rukmi.

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    I think it was the friendship of karna and Duryodhana. Karna knew that he will lose against Arjuna still he fought in favour of his friend. He knew he was fighting with his brothers but he was adamant and fought for his friend. Karna always tried to save his friend.

    It is said that Lord krishna offered him the kingdom to join pandavas but he didn't accept for the sake of his friendship. Her mother asked him not to fight against his brothers but he didn't accept it just for the sake of his friend. He was indeed a very good friend who knew the real meaning of friendship.


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    A real friendship is there when the motives are not selfishness. If someone is having friendship to get some work or take some favour then it can not be termed as a real friendship. In such cases people even change colour after the intended purpose is complete.

    True friendship requires voluntary sacrifice and helping attitude. It should not not be done to show off in the society that we care for our friends.

    In our mythology there are many instances where people sacrificed for their friends in one way or other. These are the learning lessons for us. For example the friendship of Krishna and Sudama tells us how to be meek and humble with your friends even if you are a very rich king.

    We find friendship between the small children in school who share their food with each other without considering the difference in their family levels. There mind is clean and pious and they simply consider their friendship above everything.

    The best friendship is when we do not expect anything from each other but enjoy the company and help whenever it is required.

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    Just like the friendship of Karna and Duryodhana, the friendship of Krishna and Sudama has also been very famous in India's mythology.
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