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    Guidance to start contributing again on ISC


    I am back after a long time on ISC. I wish to contribute again om this lovely website. It has been a long time since, I have contributed here, so I request editors and senior members of ISC to guide me, how to start contributing again.

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    I am a new member here so doesn't know much about the site. But few things which I know I am sharing here.

    You can participate in various sections here:

    Forums - where you may start a thread and discuss among the people here on ISC. Also you may respond on the threads you may find interesting for yourself. You won't earn from it much but the threads and responses which are really good are rewarded by the admin sometimes. Also they have a award as TOW where most interesting thread is rewarded.

    Resources - You may write articles here and as per the quality points and cc is awarded. Also you may respond on others articles and can get points and cc

    Also there is ask expert section where cc and points are given for the quality of answers you give.

    Then there is a job section where you may post a job and can get cc and points as per the quality of the content.

    They also award star of the week and month for the most contributing members.

    Points you get is accumulated and according your level is decided. Every Sunday ranking of the member is decided as per the points earned.

    You should read the help section also to clear things more.


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    Welcome back. You can definitely find out the details about different sections in the help menu but there are some basic things that I can share here.

    This site has a moto - Learn to earn, Earn to learn! So here you learn many things especially how to write creatively and how to present your ideas in best possible ways.

    Time to time, there are contests which give all the members an ample opportunity to showcase their talents. There is a very healthy competitive environment and once you deeply involve yourself in these endeavours you will enjoy participating in the contests more and more.

    The forum section is the most vibrant one where everyday you will find many new issues out of which you can select your choice to respond or you can start your own thread and see how people respond to it. In this section you gather points and occasionally some cash credits depending upon your outstanding contributions.

    If you are keen in answering questions asked by others the Ask Expert section is for you where questions on many subjects are asked and other members answer it. These answers, when approved, bag cash credits in addition to the points. You can even ask your question also here.

    You can submit articles in the Article section and depending upon the quality of your article you will be renumerated points and cash credits from 20 to 100 or even more. Try to write the article in a comprehensive and full of content mode otherwise if it does not conform to a basic quality, it may be rejected. So go through some of the articles, read them and have a feel of them.

    You can post the jobs in job section by writing them in your language. This requires a detailed posting about the jobs and any thing missing will make you score less here. You will get points and cash credits both here ranging from 3/4to 10/15 and may be more.

    Another section is Information update where you can write about places, schools, colleges etc and earn revenue and points ranging from as little as 3/5 to even 70/80 and sometimes more depending upon the coverage and quality.

    Time to time, to encourage the good contributors, ISC announces awards like Thread of the Week, Star of the Month, Wizard and Super Contributors in a month, Star of the year etc which renumerate the winning members cash credits anything from 40 to 1000.

    This is basically an educational site and has more thrust on educational material. You can post exam question papers, model question papers, articles on educational entrance tests etc and earn commensurate revenue.

    So there are many opportunities here for creative writing and you can contribute and enhance your creative skills and also earn some pocket money for yourself.

    So go ahead and all the best.

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    Ajay Gupta,
    Welcome! Good to see you back in ISC. Kindly go through the section wise FAQs and help topics for better understanding. If you still have any queries regarding the guidelines of ISC, please post a response in this thread.

    I suggest you that being active in the forum section for the initial few days will make your presence visible again in ISC and then slowly take off your writing journey further by contributing regularly in ask experts section, articles section and various other sections of ISC. Since you were a part of ISC for a quite long period, hope you know how ISC works. So, please stick on to the policies and guidelines of ISC. Also, have a regular look on the red-pinned threads at the top of the forum section to get notifications regarding the ISC announcements, policies, contests and the awards.

    Make your re-entry the best! Good luck.

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    Welcome back, Ajay! Nice to note that, despite the long gap, you decided to return to the ISC fold. Necessary guidance has already been provided by our members and Editor. Just browse through a few of the recent posts in different sections to get a feel of the changes if any and start posting by following the guidelines. It would be better to remain active in the Forum initially as suggested by Soundharya before moving on to the other sections. All the best!
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    Dear Ajay

    Good to see you back. Whatever be your reason to make a come back to ISC, I would suggest you keep a regular touch with Forum, Ask Expert and Article section. Even if it means 5 to 10 points worth contribution a day, do stay in touch with ISC. Even if it means you can contribute 5 to 10 points only 2 to 3 days, do stay in touch with ISC.

    Rest most of the things are present as from before. The Forum, Articles and Ask Experts section are evergreen. So, maybe you may want to write for these sections and then move on with the newer features.

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