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    A subject on Law should be included in our school syllabus for our betterment

    We all go to school, college and university to learn many things on various subjects. But we don't learn anything about the law existing in our land. Except the law students, we all remain blind without knowing much about the law. We need to approach a lawyer to sort out our legal problems.
    We get cheated for not knowing what is legally right and wrong. At times, we need to bribe to come out of problems, though we are right.

    Why not we start learning the law, the procedure to be followed in police stations & courts, how to and where to lodge our complaints, the Indian Penal codes and section and many activities connected with law that will be useful to a common man.

    For this, I feel, a subject law should be included in our school syllabus for us to be master of basic laws that will be helpful to us.

    Your views and comments, please.
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    A good suggestion by the author. Actually our education system is not upto the mark and the syllabus has many things which can be omitted or curtailed to include something which are really needed in our daily life. Important basic laws are one such thing that everybody requires to know. But the main problem is the system is so dependent on marks that students are forced to learn whether she/he has any interest in the subject or not.

    When students find things not interesting they just memorize it for scoring good marks and forget after the exams. This system has to change and emphasis should be given to subjects that are integral part of our life. Controlling pollution is very much necessary and students must be taught about it by including it compulsorily in the syllabus, maybe as a separate subject.

    During our school days, physical education was one of the additional subjects in the secondary level. It is really surprising that a very important subject to keep the body healthy was treated as additional subject rather than including it as a compulsory one. Different first aid techniques are also a must and should be taught to students in school. The education system in our country should change to make it effective throughout our lives.


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    Absolutely there should be such subject in schools so that we may learn some basic things about our law.

    Education system needs to be changes and the things which doesn't have use in our life should be deleted and the things which are imperative in our lives should be added.


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    Yes, it s very right that our students should have awareness of rules, regulations, law, constitution etc which are implicated everywhere whenever there is a problem or issue in our life.

    What I suggest is these things can be included in subjects like civics, political science, sociology etc so that these subjects also become strong and the students may show their liking to them.

    The competitive exams should also include some questions of general knowledge from this area so that student preparing for them must read some basics of law and it's application in our country.

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    The syllabus as it is very exhaustive. We find the children carrying heavy bags containing a lot of books. How can they be burdened with some more subjects? Basic knowledge of the law is preferable but not essential. One cannot gain knowledge in all the subjects. We have to use the services of the people who have specific knowledge. Where from the jobs will be generated? One can on his own interest learn many things but not as a part of his studies.

    Time and again, I find members saying that our education system is not up to the level and needs a lot of changes. No one mentions what are the deficiencies of our education system. In our country, the students study to earn a living. The students mostly have no choice to get the employment they want to have and accept the job opportunities that come their way. In such a scenario, it is very difficult to expect a different type of education. As a teacher, I know how the students react when something out of syllabus is taught. They do not pay much attention as it does not help them in their examinations.

    The suggestion that emphasis should be given to subjects that are an integral part of our life looks good but it does not provide a student to get good employment. Considering the huge population, the job potentiality, our education system is doing well. Those who want something more specialized can always join such institutions which offer such courses.

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    I think it is not very essential at school level. The constitution, the fundamental rights, responsibilities, rules and regulations, the governing system and the law protection system etc are already included in the syallabus. At high school level more than this will become a heavy dose to the students. More than this, morals, ethics, importance of good behaviour and general behaviour patterns and their importance should be taught with good examples and with more insights. That may be helpful to the students. These concepts if we start introducing in the syllabus in the school level may help the students in developing and going in the correct direction.
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    Dr. Rao,
    What you said are to be taught at home by the parents than the school teachers. Whereas the basic law is not included in the syllabus and not being taught. During your school days, were you aware of the constitution; IPC code; section; police; court; bail; jail etc? I don't think our children are being taught now.

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