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    Please do not discuss political matters inside this shop

    All of you are aware of tea stalls. Tea stalls are there all over India selling a variety of tea, coffee, cigarettes, biscuits and even snacks. There are a few famous ones in a particular locality because of some speciality either in the varieties they are offering or ambience. In West Bengal, gossips inside a tea stall are an integral part of the culture and have a special flavour in it. Many people have a specific choice of stalls and go there in the evening after their work or spend some time there in the morning before starting their usual affairs. There they meet the regular visitors and enjoy the gossips on any topic under the sun. In this state, politics is one of the favourite topics among a wide range of people and a casual chat or heated political debate takes place inside the tea stalls too.

    In my locality, there is one such famous tea stall and the other day I was really surprised to find a notice posted on both sides of the wall. The notice is in Bengali as usual and the meaning of that notice, when translated to English, is "Please do not discuss any political matters inside this shop. It is strictly prohibited". It is something unusual in a tea stall in this state and after talking to the owner I got to know that earlier, on two occasions people were engaged in heated political debates inside the shop and out of rage they damaged the shop two times.

    Well, it is really amazing that how heated an argument can become because in both the cases the stall was damaged by the regular visitors rather than any political party!
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    As a Bengali who knows about the tea-stall culture of Bengal, I think that the tea-stall will soon start losing its regular customers. A bad business move by the tea-stall owner.
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    Politics,sports&cinemas always to be discussed as of lotus leaf and water. As we can find controversy in them while discussing, possibility of huge dispute is there even to the level of beating etc. ,
    Many people drag others in bus,train,tea shops etc., on these subjects. Either we should avoid or accept whatever they said.

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    Years back such posters or boards carrying the request " Please do not talk politics here", could be seen in small tea shops in several villages in Kerala. (invite raashtreeyam parayaruthu). Evidently it was a warning to the visitors who come to hotel to take a cup of tea and also to read the news paper of that day. If news paper reading was started political news would also be read. Discussion on such topics lead to controversy and end up in ope fight. Such incidents were repeated in several shops. This led to the sticking of posters.

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    Such posters or stickers was a regular sight in most of the teashops and also barbershops across Kerala since long. These were places where some people used to visit regularly in the morning to catch hold of the newspapers and then start discussing the issues reported therein. Politics is, as is known to all, a dangerous subject and one may not be able to predict as to when things might flare up. So, the shopkeepers introduced this preventive measure to avoid any unwarranted discussions or quarrels. Placing of such a notice gave some right to the shopkeepers to interfere and control such discussions and at times to even ask the group to leave the shop. It has to be noted that such discussions used to take place between a few regular groups only and had at times been deterring others (they would have been termed liberals in the present context) from coming to the shop.
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    The discussions in tea shops and saloons are very common in both the Telugu states. Always people will be discussing about politics starting from the village to the world. The people will express their view s very openly. But they never go out of control. Generally the owner will be able to have a control on the issues. He will never allow the things to go out of control. Another point to be noted is each shop will have an affiliation to a person or party. The friendly people only will go there and hence many times they will not go out of control. I feel by displaying such notices one can't stop these discussions and the chit chT will go on. Another favourite subject is movies and the heroes.
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    Initially I didn't get the thread but on the other hand the ending makes this whole awesome & entertaining as well. The author has given the example of a tea stall but this quite often the case of elsewhere too that things might go beyond control. This might be the case within the regular persons or within the two unknown personalities.

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    That's strange as well as amusing. Politics is such a subject in which debates sometimes turn in to heated discussion and people may fight for their favourite party. That's a good move taken by the tea stall owner but I doubt people will take care of it.

    I usually refrain myself from political discussions as I know its very sensitive matter for few people. Normally when I go to saloon people talk about Arvind Kejriwal that why didn't he follow what he said before the elections but I never contribute.


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    It is really interesting to note that there are such shops which discourage political chit chat in their premises.

    On the contrary many shopkeepers encourage such things to attract people to their shop. I have seen many shopkeepers keeping a large screen TV just outside their shop during cricket test matches.

    Now a days it is very difficult to avoid the political discussions anywhere as every person in this country seems to be the expert on this subject.

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