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    The major things to be avoided before children

    Many children though found talented most of the parent forget the inner mind of the children. Parents should avoid the following things,though found silly.
    1.using ear buds
    2.keeping the medicines/tablets openly in the vision of children
    3.keeping the floor with dusts,paperbits,threads etc., if tiny crawling children
    4.parents and others should avoid quarell or dispute before children
    5.exposing our difficulty before children on any circumstances. (A mother used to convey her inability of taking her to school daily as she fell sick, but the child by seeing this refused to go to school by telling lame reasons and thereby there has been a huge problem to the child in the school. Without knowing the reason the father beat the child and made quarell in the school as the reason might be the teachers. Later on knowing the reason was the mother,father felt ashamed)
    6.Parents should never give the child false assurances.
    7.while dressing them with shoes &sacks proper care should be given,no talking or scolding should be done as the possibility of some unknown insects inside.
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    Parents must be cautious while dealing with their kids. A child is very sensitive and follows everything to learn. Actually we all learn by following others in every situation and since a child has to learn everything new, she/he picks up everything very quickly. The author has provided few very important suggestions that has to be followed by parents so that the child doesn't pick up things that will adversely affect the process of growing up.

    Whatever the parents do, the child follows. So, on seeing the parents using ear buds, the child can easily try it inside the tender ear that can cause serious damage to it. Similarly, on the bottle/pack of the medicine there is a warning that says to keep it safe so the children cannot see it and inadvertently have it by thinking the medicines as eatables.

    The minds of the children always seek pleasure and that is the reason they try to find excuses to avoid things they think tiresome. The example of the mother who showed her inability to take the child to school is an example of this and there are lot more things to care for during the period when the child is growing up.


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    Kids are very fast learners. They quickly grab the things they see around them or react like what they see people around them.

    Parents should never say bad words in front of them as they may learn it and say in front of you innocently and one may get embarrassed by seeing this.

    Watching TV late night is what kids make a habit if we as parents watch TV late night. We can't ask them to sleep early if we don't do that.

    If we respect our elders they will too learn it otherwise they will also disobey elders. There are also many things which they learn watching us so we must be careful when doing things in front of our kids.


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    The children learn from their parents. They are their first teachers. The way a parent behaves will be easily learnt by the children. So parents should always behave properly before them. If the mother and father quarrel with each other even for small issues also, their children will learn fast quarrelling and they start quarrelling among themselves. Another issue these days is the cell phone. The parents spend the majority of time on these phones and that habit is making the children also to get addicted to these phones.
    So as advised by the author the parents should not do certain acts before the children so that the will never learn the unwanted habits. Especially when the children start talking we should not use filthy language before them as they will easily catch those words and start telling those words only.

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    The thread has a couple of safety tips which are most essential and more tips on moulding them.
    More and more safety precautions have to be taken care and put in place i this modern age and modern way of living.

    I can give one practical tip which we really practised in our home when our son was a baby. In the modern flats there is only one entrance and exit door. So when only one person is there in the flat with the child, the person should have the flt door key safely tugged on person even if stepping just one step out, because if the door closes by itself or the child unknowingly closes it then panic ..panic and may be dangerous also. Similarly it is always better to have an extra hook and keep the door bolts especially of the bathroom and toilets to avoid the child bolting the door from outside when mother is inside the bathroom etc Similarly the bottom vertical tower bolts if any have to be plugged and sealed to avoid automatic falling don and closing. It may sound over-caution, but prevention is always better.

    In behaviour, parents should behave exactly the way they want their children to behave.Not even a small deviation. Any deviation will make them confused and may make them think the parents are wrong and hypocrites. They wilt start losing the respect and regard to them.

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