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    What do you think is the best way to remain cool-headed?

    Is there some effective way to deal with anger and remain calm? Share your top tips to remain cool, no matter what the circumstances are.

    We all know that sometimes anger takes over your control and you do silly things, which should be avoided. Being a human being, we behave impulsively in some situations and don't think about its consequences. Everyone has a way to deal with their anger so that something bad doesn't happen.

    What's your way of dealing with anger and keeping yourself cool-headed. It is not easy these days to keep yourself calm under all the chaotic things happening around you, but still, some people do it successfully most of the time. What's the secret behind it?
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    A very interesting thread to remind us not to be angry in adverse situations. We become angry because something is not happening in your way. The main cause here is disagreement and when we are unable to accept other's views or behavior then the problem arises.

    Those who are short tempered, for them it is very difficult to remain cool when there is disagreement. It is better to change our thought process towards the whole world to control this anger or aggression. We need to remember that this place is for all and not anybody's personal belonging. I have my own viewpoint and my opinions are based on it, similarly others have their own viewpoint too. To avoid conflict, it is better to keep mum if we can gauge that it may go out of control.

    In this whole world we can control only ourselves and not any other person, so rather than trying to find ways to make everything right in this world, it is better to make ourselves right so that we can fit inside this world. There are few ways through which we can practice to control this impulsiveness.
    1. Meditation is the best way to control anger.
    2. Talking less and listening more to others will help us to analyze situations.
    3. Being non-judgemental is a good way while meeting new people and can be practiced in every situation.
    4. Spending some time to indulge in hobbies will keep us happy and upbeat.

    Other than this, we can analyze the cause of our anger and look for possible solutions by discussing these issues with our near and dear ones.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Ignoring things which you don't like and divert your mind to the things which make you feel happy is my way to deal with anger.

    Everyone has his own way to do it. Its better when some is getting angry with anything then don't react immediately take a pause and speak. When we are anger we also don't know we may speak in reaction and may realise it that we should not have done that.

    Anger is an emotion and with the time it goes off. Also its better to walk away and discuss when you return back as that way your head will cool down.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Our anger is our own enemy. So we should not get angry easily. When we are in anger we can't think correctly and we will get all negative thoughts and ideas only for the problems we have. So we should avoid getting angry. We should keep our cool. If someone is getting angry very fast we should try not to argue with them and allow them to be alone for some time so that their anger will come down. If we start arguing with them, they will become impatient and they start shouting on us. The total situation will go out of control.
    There are many ways to avoid getting angry. Diverting our attention from the subject which is causing the problem is one of such techniques. When you are getting angry for the behaviour of a kid don't think about that and start watching a TV or reading a book you will forget the issue and then you may cool down.

    always confident

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