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    It is unwise and improper to criticize the judiciary

    There is a growing tendency among politicians to criticize the judiciary. Just yesterday, the 25th of October 2018, the third Judge of the Madras High Court, pronounced a judgement that upheld the action of the Tamil Nadu Speaker in disqualification of the 18 MLAs who had resorted to the ridiculous action of representing to the then Governor of Tamil Nadu, that they wanted a change in the Chief Minister. This group is lead by one of the most corrupted persons in India.

    One of these 18 disqualified members has taken to the media, imputing motives to the learned judge. He is on record as having said that the judiciary seems to be obeying the State Government in this case!!

    This ventilation of frustration is not at all called for. Even their so-called leader, who has a reputation of being "cool" did not speak against the judgement. I think it is high time that the politicians stop criticizing the judiciary when the judgement(s) goes against their selfish interests.
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    These politicians can do anything. One can't expect positive things from them. Most of the politicians are corrupted. Criticising jidiciaries is I think against the law one can't do that. They should be given punishment if it it proved.

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    The judges have tremendous responsibilities in discharging their duties. They can not pronounce judgements arbitrary. A lot of home work and prudence is involved before a judgement is made.

    Judges have to work in consonance of our constitution, fundamental rights and directive principles of the state policy. The subject of law and judiciary is so vast and complicated that even judges are at times find their selves standing at the crossroads and not able to decide the line of verdict.

    We should, as a good citizen, abide by the verdicts of these judges and should not criticise or make a mockery of same just to satisfy our ego and selfish interests. If their is a feeling that there is a trace of error in the verdict, review petitions are there to ask for solace to the affected party.

    It has become a practice that people who do not have knowledge of the law and its subtleties, make lose comments on the court verdicts. It is unwarranted and is in bad taste.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It is not fair to criticize the judiciary. But at times, the judiciary calls for it. Take the case of TN former CM JJ. The first judge convicted and awarded her and her associates a jail term for 4-years and a fine of Rs.100 crore. Then on an appeal, the second judge acquited her as innocent. Further, on an appeal against the verdict, the third judge punished them with 4-year jail term. We should have fair and free judges in our judiciary.
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    There is a big difference in between what is happening & what should have been happening. Especially in the Indian scenario anyone can say anything & this could be in reference to anyone of whatever post & position which even take up to go against the nation or a country which we call as INDIA. All this because we live in a democratic country & therefore nothing to feel surprised of.

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    It is true that we should not criticise the judiciary systems and the judges and their judgment. But in out country the politicians always try to blame others and they will say they are the sincere and most reliable people. But we all know how much corrupted are our politicians. Fortunately this corruption has not spread into the judiciary system. Of course, there are some examples and incidents where the people in judiciary system also involved in corruption. It is better to ignore the statements of such selfish politicians who tries to prove that they are innocent. The public know who are correct and who are corrupt.
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    #651601 / DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao, your comment on the same is contradictory in itself, "Fortunately this corruption has not spread into the judiciary system. Of course, there are some examples and incidents where the people in judiciary system also involved in corruption".

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