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    Human skeleton found in a tank in a school.

    This is the case of a school in Rohini, Delhi. Human skeleton and bones were found in the tank and were found by a labourer while cleaning the tank. Though it is not sure if the skull and bones are of a kid or an adult, but that's a thing to worry. Crime/murder in school premises is very serious. Is it an indication that kids are not safe in schools too? Parents leave them in school for 4-5 hours and think they will be safe there, but do we need to think otherwise now?

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    The criminal nature in the people is increasing. Everywhere we are seeing different types of crimes. The crimes are being conducted by people of all ages. The people are becoming more selfish and in getting their wishes fulfilled they are not hesitating to conduct any type of crime. There is no guarantee that the people going out will be back home safely. There is no exemption for anyone.
    The reasons may be the judicial system in India. There is no a system of immediately punishing the culprit. All these criminals will try to get some support of a politician and with his blessings and support from the police they will try to come out of the problem as innocents.
    This kind of deeds in schools where innocent kids are studying will be very disturbing and the parents will definitely get worried for sending their wards to the schools. The systems should be corrected immediately. Otherwise the things will go from bad to worst.

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