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    India’s rank in mobile broadband penetration is number “1”.

    How do see this that two years back the India ranked 150th but now its number "1" in mobile broadband penetration In accordance with the available information, today, the Indians consume more mobile broadband data than users in USA and China. This has originally been conveyed from the Chairman of the RIL, Mr. Mukesh Ambani. This has become possible after the launch of the "JIO".

    How do you see this increased numbers of the consumers & don't you feel that if more individuals have been in access of the internet & related resources than more opportunities have come-up to the various strata & in different ways which once seemed never possible in so less possible time.
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    India is having the highest population only second to China. Many people are accustomed to using this data. Hence consumers increased and the data is being used by all these people. But the question is how many people are using this data constructively. Many people use for chatting, social media watching, movies watching etc only. So I think it is not a very good issue which will add any value to the countries progress.
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    Why not when we have the large population after China and have lots of costomer who use mobile phone then its obvious we are no 1 in using broadband data. Moreover most of the population don't have laptop or desktop so they use their cell phones for browsing inherent that's also one of the reason. Also the average income of the people has increased and its easy to afford mobile phones so possibly it also contribute that we are no 1.

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    This is really good to know and understand that India has jumped from 150th position to 1st position. I tried to find out some statistics. Apart from a few videos, I found none. It is definitely true that internet usage in India has grown but whether it has done a mammoth jump from 150th rank to 1st rank is a statement in doubt.

    And it is also true that most of the bandwidth usage is for social media. People hang out on social media because it is yet another form of meeting people and friends who live far away. People do make an over exaggerated use of social media. This is leading to a sedentary way of living lives. I hope that in the future, we all get better in making a balance in sedentary lifestyle and taking advantage of the internet.

    The Internet offers an access to knowledge. Over here, you are largely left to guess and use your own logic to see whether the information presented is a legible one or not. There are very few guides who could let you know whether the information is correct or not. The advent of online education, courses will surely help make the internet as a better place for knowledge.

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    Actually this is not an achievement but it is default thing for India. Few years back no one has smart phone but now many of them have smart phone.
    India have 130 crore people lives in very small place as compared to China which has much more land and USA which only have 32 crore people lives in three times bigger country as compared to India. This is tricky thing to understand. But if we compare Cities for density Dhaka is most densly populated as per Wikipedia. So, Mobile user penetration comparison can't be considered uniform in case of countries of various size and various population. Anyways it is good thing to know.

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    After the inception of 4G in India many service providers are providing data packages for a hopping 1GB/day for 90 days along with free calls and free SMS. They are charging about Rs 450 for this pack. It translates to about Rs 150/month only.

    This reasonable and affordable price has a contributing role in increasing the number of consumers in our country. As the population of our country is so large so the number of consumers has a large scope to still go up and in this respect there is no surprise if we even surpass China, US and USSR in this respect.

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    No doubt that this is a big relief in terms of the total monthly expenses being incurred by us while in the mean time the cost of the other commodities remains more or less same.

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    The price has been coming down consistently. We must welcome more competition in this sector. The price will come down further. This phenomenon has also proved the market penetration.
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