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    Request for clarifications: Can we answer old questions now?

    Earlier I used to receive many directions from the Editors of Ask Expert Section advising me not to answer old questions. Some of my answers were deleted also. However, now I have been noticing that some Members have been answering old questions and they are getting points and cash credits for their answers.

    In view of the above, I would like to know whether there is any recent policy change in the Ask Expert Section, or not. If there is any policy change, this should have been announced for the benefit of all Members. If there is no such change, I would like to know 'how much old is acceptable'? Is there any time limit in respect of old questions which can be attempted (like Forum Section, where the clear instruction is that more than ten days old Posts are too old to be disturbed)?

    This is a humble request for clarification.
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    This issue was discussed sometimes back and the impression I got is that an old question can be answered but the answer should not be the repeat of what already had been given by the other members. If there is a new point and new dimension to look at the question and if it is approved by the editor seeing its merit, it is all right.

    There is a strict policy for the forum sections that we should not post our views in the old forums after 10 days as by that time all the views have come and there is no point in repeating the arguments but for Ask Expert section there is no such policy.

    Anyway, editors will let us know the exact position in this regard.

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    I agree with the answer given by Umesh. If any new point is added to the question asked the old questions can be answered. There is no particular time period restriction. This is what the Editors previously clarified on this issue. Anyhow the concerned editors will be always right and they only can give a correct reply to this.
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    Please refer the guideline here.
    In case you have noticed an answer that has been approved otherwise, please post the URL here so that we can check it out.

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