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    Does English language require certain modifications in spellings.

    The basis of this thread is some news items related to European Union thinking of simplifying spellings of English language after consent of United Kingdom.

    It is true that any language will be more acceptable and easy to learn if it is simple and straight forward. English is a popular language but people have great difficulty in memorizing spellings and corresponding pronunciation. C, Ch and K create confusion. F and Ph are also similar but have their own identity. S and Z are also to be used very cautiously. Use of single O and OO is also there. U, OU, OE and AU create confusions. There are many such combinations which are a source of inconvenience to the user.

    If these are simplified and only one of them is used in all the related words then it may make the user's life easy.

    If the idea gets through and they really go ahead with modifications to make the spellings simple then it may make the English language more acceptable world wide.

    Is it possible or practical to do so at this stage? What is your view on this?
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    Every language has its own complication so is English and I don't think its worth to make modification as of now. We should accept it as it is. Although I think its the simplest language unlike our national language Hindi, Chinese or Japanese where the alphabets itself are tough to memorise and write. So as such there is no need for the modification in it.

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    Not only English but also other languages will also get some modifications in spoken and written language, over a period of time. Some letters will disappear and some new words will get coined. In the Telugu language also many letters are disappeared and they were out of usage.
    In the English language, there are some confusions in certain spellings and words and different countries will have their own spellings for same words.
    The proposal may be good if a uniform code of spellings is brought in all over the world.

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