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    Why many of us forget simple responsibilities

    Though proper planning is found lack in us, we should be cautious in some matters to avoid wastage to us as well to others.
    A neighbor in our area used to send their child to school through a van. Last three days the van driver sharply by 8.00 am blowing horn on the road and left as the child did not come. By noting this i enquired in the apartment and found that family went outstation. They would have informed the driver about this. On 5th day I heard a quarrel sound on the road and found that the mother of that child scolding the van driver for not coming on that day which makes the mother to drop the child in school through an auto. That lady ignored her mistake of not informing their absence but questioned the van driver.
    Not only this many people do not tell the paperwallah,milk Wallah and we can see the papers, milk packets found unnoticed at the entrance and if rainy season the situation goes worst. Nobody care such waste
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    This is true. Many times people will never inform the concerned people about their absence. At the same time when the paper boy or milk boy fails to deliver on the day they want, they will try to scold him and create unnecessary situations. This is not a correct attitude. One can inform the paper boy, milk vendor and school bus driver about their absence and when they will come back, everybody will have a clarity and accordingly they will act.
    Even in offices also people will try to blame their subordinates for the mistakes committed by them and make them responsible for no fault of them.

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    Let us not be too quick to judge. It is possible that the family had to leave suddenly, because of an emergency, in the family. They might not have had the time to intimate the van driver. They might have informed the driver or the owner and who in turn might have forgotten about it.

    If I find a neighbour's milk packets or newspaper lying outside I bring them home, put the milk in the freezer and paste a note on the neighbour's door, letting them know that I have their stuff. Alternatively, I send them a message telling them the same and ask them when they are getting back and inform the vendors about the same.

    As neighbours we can or should I say, must do this much, instead of always finding fault with our neighbours' behaviour and actions.

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    While the thread has some meaning in it, Juana Madam's response is quite logical and wonderful. If we can see the packet of milk or some other stuff lying somewhere near the neighbour's locked house, we have a responsibility too to keep those stuff safe. If the milk is kept outside lying for a long time then it will become unusable and things should not be wasted like that.

    There are also cases that I have experienced myself in which the neighbours went on a pre-planned tour without informing the newspaper vendor and maid servant. Nowadays, almost everybody has a cell phone and it can be informed to them by calling also. What I feel, if it is a habit of not informing the associates, who are involved in our day to day activities, and misbehaving with them later on, then it shows those people have less responsibilities and are more concerned about their own well being.


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    A very interesting thread bringing out supposedly insignificant but important things in our day to day life. The author has observed these things in minute details.

    It is very true that many people are having very casual and careless attitude and they do not bother for the basic etiquette but annoy when others do the same thing. There are very few who observe and plan every thing meticulously and take all the responsibilities smaller or bigger in their hand.

    These good habit are to be inculcated in a person right from his childhood so that they become a part of the routine life. A careless parson can not change his behaviour overnight. It is also not expected from him to do so.

    In such day to day incidences we do not know who has erred and it is not wise to come to the conclusion immediately without finding the actual sequence of actions.

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    This is very normal with the people. They don't understand that van driver, milk man get disturbed by their this behaviour. Such people think that when they are paying for their service then these people are bound to come to their house then what's the need to tell them that they should not come.

    But that wrong we all should have some normal duties, we should inform them when we are not at home so that they may save their time.

    I always ensure to tell when I am outstation to my kids cab driver.


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