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    Are women better parent?

    Yes I believe on the same. In today's world when women also work outside and men also do house hold works still I feel women are better parent. Men do educate kids, cook for them but still they don't understand what a kid needs which a mother understands more. It seems women are skilled for the same. They can handle both the things easily and manage things better than men. Moreover the sense of responsibility lacks in men.

    Moreover by nature females tolerate things more unlike males which also make them a good parent. Also this is general tendency that fathers are strict so they get lesser chance to get close to the kids compared to the mothers.

    What's your opinion regarding the same? Do you also feel that mother is a better parent than a father?
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    We can't generalize. I have seen both husband and wife (in different cases) are behaving very badly with their child/children. They are terrible parents. Gender is not related to parenting.
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    It depends but still most of the mother are better parent than the father and this is the reason in most of the cases kids are close to their mother.

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    I don't really believe so. When it comes to parenting both genders should come together to make a good child. I don't think women make better parent. I keep hearing how parents give up their dreams to raise a child and I wonder...Was that needed? There is a show called "Clannad-After story", well its an animated show, but the show beautifully explores parenting. Try watching it.
    The whole idea of parenting is to serve as a role model to your child. And what sort of role model are you if you forgo yourself? An ideal parent to me atleast is someone who could hold hands of his child and his dreams, at the same time. And I must say I rarely come across such parents.

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    Gender roles were developed for the survival of the human kind…….
    Men developed the musculature and temperament to be successful hunters/providers/protectors.
    Women developed the compassion and skills necessary to care for their young and families.
    Men and women are not equal, not the same.
    Men tend to excel in certain activities. Women tend to excel in certain activities.
    Exceptions should not be forced to fit the rule
    Rule should not be forced to fit the exceptions.
    Let men and women do their own things.

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    The thread describes all the natural qualities of women. Women and men have biological differences and since a woman bears the child she is biologically adept to think for safety and security of the child. A woman can only understand when a child needs to be breastfed and nobody can expect a father to think of that.

    On the other hand parenting is completely different and it is a kind of process where the kid is provided all the necessary support for her/his mental and physical growth. Both, mother and father play a significant role for the complete development of a child and it would be bias to single out any one of them for doing the job better.

    There may be few exceptions, where either of the parents takes greater responsibility but we cannot generalize it by saying women are better parent. The essential qualities of a mother is provided in this thread which is quite different from parenting.


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    Parenting is an art and any one of them or both can excel in it. There is no general rule that one gender is better than other.

    In families the children are generally more attached to the mother as she takes their care most of the times but it does not mean that she is a better parent. In fact she may spoil them with more care and pampering.

    Children require love and affection but at the same time they are to be kept under discipline also so that they are not spoilt in their habits and behaviour. It is an intricate balancing act and very few parent are aware and vigilant about this. In some rich and affluent families too much access to all facilities simply spoil the child and he or she becomes a worthless entity when he or she grows up. There are many such instances around us.

    So parenting is an art and it is the duty of the parents to teach the children the value of hard work, value of money, importance of hygiene and good manners.

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    Women are considered important while considering importance in parent. Mother is always a mother and no person can fill her seat. With a minor exception only we can come to a conclusion that a mother is superior than anybody in the family. But the mother should take responsibility as present mothers are just skipping over to the father or 'ayah'.
    This is happening in upper middle class and upper class families widely.
    I can say an example:
    A boy returns home after attending an interview. While entering into the house, father asked what happened in the interview. The discussions are below:
    Father:How was the interview and what is the result?
    Son:I succeeded the interview pa, I got the job
    Elder Brother:What is the salary?
    Elder sister:Where is the office?
    Younger Brother:Hi, I will get a cycle!
    Younger Sister: Anna will I get lift to my school when you go to office?
    Mother:Son, have you had your lunch?
    This is mother.

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    The kid will definitely have more relation with mother than father. Many children will have more freedom with mother than father. Mother will understand the needs of the children better than father. It is true in many cases. In majority issues, a kid can go and ask for something freely from mother than father.
    The mother will carry her children for 9 months before their arrival on to the earth. So she will have more association with her kids. She can provide a better care to the child. She never feels unhappy for serving her children. Their needs are first preference to her than her needs.

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