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    Why controversies remain controversial for a long time?

    At times, we participate in debates and discussions and all the debates telecasted through different television channels have a large number of viewers. We all are unique and must have our own opinions and that is what we see in debates. In ISC too group discussions take place from time to time and in many threads we discuss certain important topics. Sometimes there are heated exchanges between members and the discussion remains inconclusive.

    Now, do we always discuss things to come to a conclusion or just to share each other's view on a particular issue? We have limitations because we are guided by the constitution of the country and it needs a lot of political willpower to amend laws or to enact new laws to make unjustified acts illegal. There are certain controversies too related to many issues and it remains controversial for a long time even if laws are enacted to justify certain things. Why few things always remain controversial? Is it because people act on those issues just from their core beliefs that has no logic or is it because people do not want to be bounded by laws to come to a conclusion on those issues? Members, what are your views?
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    Simple matters do not attract our attention as everyone is having same opinion on them. They do not arouse are curiosity.

    It is the complicated, full of twists and turns and controversial matters which attract us most and we want to participate in it not only to share our knowledge but also to learn the intricacies of the matter being discussed. Controversial discussions are like a raging fire where more fuel you add more fire you get.

    Any complicated issue will have many dimensions - legal, social, cultural, traditional and current status. There will be clashes between the thoughts and beliefs of one sect of society with the other and everyone will stick to their swords only. There is no accommodation and adjustment in controversial matters. If required the people will come on the streets to show their resentment.

    Controversial matters looming for a longer time are having adverse affect on the progress of a society as a lot of money and manpower is wasted in resolving them and the valuable resources of a society or country are ill spent.

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    This is because we all have different perceptions about a thing. People don't change their thoughts even after knowing that they are thinking in wrong direction.

    Controversy always remains controversy till people don't change their minds and accept wrong as wrong and right as right. This is why we have judiciary system but many a time its observed people don't want to accept the decision of the court. In such cases there strong belief about that particular thing becomes a hurdle. We must break those barriers otherwise we won't come to the conclusion and that we ourself can do.


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    When opinions differ and when the people are rigid on their opinions, a controversy will remain controversial only. Each of us will have an understanding and opinion about a subject. There is no rule that everyone should understand the issue in the same manner. Once the understanding is different, the view on that particular subject will vary. Some people will try to understand the point of others and try to think in that angle. But some people are very rigid and they think they are the wisest among all in this world and they go on arguing on the same point again and again. In such a situation if the other person is also of the same nature, the arguments will go on and there will be no end for the discussions and the controversy will remain in the same way. The moderators have to intervene and should terminate the discussion but then the ends will be kept loose only.
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