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    What is the minimum word-limit of an article?

    As far as I know, ISC accepts articles in the range of 500-1500 words. Sometimes I attempt to write articles on some important/relevant topics. But there are some issues/subjects which, though important, do not require more than 300-350 words. The issues can be adequately expressed/discussed in 350 words.

    I would like to know, whether such short articles in around 350 words on important topics will be accepted, or not. I feel that if I resort to artificially increase the number of words by beating around the bush, such article may lose its importance or relevance.

    The concerned Editor(s) may kindly clarify.
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    The answer to the query has been clearly specified in this thread on How to submit articles at ISC.
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    As has been mentioned in the link given above by Editor Saji, ISC has a requirement of a minimum number of words to be written for an article. The minimum requirement for an article is mentioned as 500 words.
    The reason behind having a minimum word limit is to avoid having scrap content on the website.
    What is scrap content?
    Scrap content is a content page which has very less number of words and the page would thus become a scrap property of the website. Such scrap pages do not give any benefit to the website. In fact, Google AdSense keeps on monitoring the page qualities of a website. If the number of scrap pages would increase, then Google AdSense may decide to stop serving Ads on the website. This will, in turn, be a huge loss as there will then be no earning.

    So why does ISC give relaxation on certain articles?
    Articles like admissions, results, announcements, recipes and sample letter formats are given a relaxation of a minimum of 350 words. Articles based on recipes and sample letters are accepted in a lesser number of words. This is because people searching for recipes would immediately want to have the recipe and later know the benefits of the recipe.
    People who want to write letters want to know the format immediately and not the explanation.
    Similarly, articles based on admissions, results and announcements are short-life article pages. Such articles are "wiped off" from the website. They may either be removed or hidden from Google Search after their life is over. In other words, they are archived. Archived pages do not affect the website rank. They are available for reading only for historical purposes.

    But, there are many ways by which an article page can be a minimum 500 worded article. Amongst all the ways, the most efficient and popular is the W3H method. The W3H method is the acronym of What, When, Why, How questions.

    Thus even an admission, results, announcements, recipes and sample letter formats based article can be expanded meaningfully on the basis of the W3H questions. These questions should be answered pertaining to the article in question. Even after the most immediate information is offered, the article could be written further to answer these queries. Thus the short living article can become an evergreen article which will not be archived.

    Thus, such an expansion will not be as to what you mentioned: "resort to artificially increase the number of words by beating around the bush"

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