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Ever wanted to ask a robot a question? Here's your chance to think out of the box and submit your queries with a supporting reason.
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    If you are given a chance to ask a question to robot Sophia, what would it be?

    Sophia, a lifelike robot and the first one to be granted citizenship of a country made its maiden appearance at Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT-B) on 31st Dec'17 during its cultural extravaganza, TechFest. It continued its series of presence in various occasions including the one at Hyderabad when Ms Ivanka Trump visited India. The various questions, on topics ranging from artificial intelligence to the issues facing the world, posed to her were responded well in front of an audience of more than 3,000.

    Its human-like appearance and behaviour make her similar to a living human being. Sophia was developed by Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics and got activated in 2015. It imitates human gestures and facial expressions. Using artificial intelligence, she is able to make conversations on predefined topics. The robot was granted citizenship of Saudi Arabia in October 2017.

    If you are given a chance to ask a question to robot Sophia, what topic would you choose and what would be your question to her?
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    This is an interesting creative exercise. Give a detailed response, stating the question you would ask and also the reason why you would ask such a query to this robot. We will keep this open for 10 days and then reward some of the responses with enhanced points and cc up to a maximum of 15 points and 15cc. Please do not submit any inappropriate entries. Give creative, unique and intelligent entries.
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    My question will be - "Seeing the accumulation of nuclear arsenals with some countries, the global warming trend, environmental degradation and population explosion in some parts of the world, what is your view on the survival of mankind on Earth".

    As Sophia is supposed to have a lot of information in her digital memory, I will like to ask her the above question to know the plight of the humans on this Earth in the coming times.

    In my opinion this a question to which we have to get an answer as there are so many apprehensions in the minds of people about the coming times on this planet. There is phenomenal progress on the technological fronts but there are side effects also in form of nuclear weapons, dangerous chemicals, criminal pollution of environment and day by day degradation of our environment.

    Let us try to get the answer to above from a digital citizen.

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    My question will be if you were made in charge of pollution control activities in this world, how you will go about it and what will be the action plan.

    As human beings, we all know the present stage of pollution on earth and how it is going to affect the coming generations also we know. At the same time, we know what are the measures we have to take to have control on this issue. We write and speak on these issues. But when the question of implementation comes we go back as we will have to suffer a lot and we have to live a simple life. Hence we will not enforce the actions required.

    But a robot which is having artificial intelligence will analyse the data and take the decisions required for coming to a conclusion. Here the machine will not have any selfish issues and there is no chance for the selfishness coming in to picture. So a robot can take trustworthy decisions and can implement it. To highlight this difference between a human being and a robot only I want to ask this question and get the best possible answer. I will also know whether any human being can accept these solutions offered by the robot.

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    My question will be which religion she will adopt. I know this is absurd but I want to ask her this, as these days religion is what separates people. Daily we see riots in the cities due to religion. We have lots of issues due to it. Sometimes I feel that there would have been peace all around the world if there were no religion.

    I know she won't be able to respond to this as she may not be knowing about the religion, unlike we human beings. By this, I will try to give a message to the people that "religion" doesn't matter what all matters is humanity.


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    I would ask her if she would like being tickled and hugged. Actually her current programming wouldn't let an unauthorised personnel to touch her so she would clearly reject the offer. But thinking of future where allowed to interact with a visitor physically this scenario can be possible. I want to know if robots would like to feel these little pleasures in life. I would like to tickle a robot.
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    I will like to ask her about who created this universe and particularly the animals and human beings.

    I am asking this to understand whether we are here on this earth because of some strange biochemical reactions happened in the past in a particular temperature and atmospherics or it is the planning of some mysterious and unknown omnipresent power known as God and we are the puppets in His hand.

    This question may be more of philosophical nature but with her profound digital data storage and the knowledge of the whole world fed in her memory, I hope Sophia will be able to enlighten me on this mysterious aspect of our existence.

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    Robots are used throughout the world for different applications and according to a BBC report, by 2030 around 800 million jobs will be taken over by these robots. I have raised an interesting thread earlier where I concluded that a man-machine conflict is imminent.

    Few days ago I raised this thread where I suggested to frame some rules for the robots too. We are facing a lot of problems throughout the world and employment is one of the most important aspect where we see many are loosing jobs for different reasons and if the study of the BBC report comes true then we fear that more people may lose their jobs.

    In this scenario, I will ask Sophia "Do you really see a man-machine conflict in the near future where many jobs are taken over by robots and if so what are the ways to mitigate the problem"?


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    Sophia as a humanoid robot is based on Artificial Intelligence. It is made to provide solutions to complex problems of the future, which the human mind mixes with tonnes of other thoughts and in the end, does not bring in results in a given period of time.
    Some of these problems that can be very well addressed by Humanoid robots. Thus my query to Sophia would be based on improving health services with automation and thus increasing precision in aspects of medicine production, surgical application and environment conservation.

    I would ask Sophia, "How would your involvement improve in the Brain surgery? How would the risk rate come down and what are the measures required? If the permanent damage is inevitable, how would you decide on saving the life?"

    On the environment, I would ask, "How will you make a plan on the kind of plantation and vegetation to be done to rebuild forest cover across the world? How would you make the newly planted plantation survive at least till 5 years?"

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