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    Do we criticize just for the sake of it?

    There are many people who immediately comment and criticize on everything. It is almost in their habit and they can not control it.

    I feel that we should weigh our tongue before we speak. Commenting or criticizing just for the sake of doing it looks immature and ill mannered. The person who is habitual of doing such reactions even loses his reputation in the society as well as in his friend circle.

    What do you think about this trait in the people? What is your opinion?
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    I have seen some people who think that they know everything and starts criticising others very easily. It is not at all advisable. One should always remember that if we are trying to point out with one finger the other four fingers will be pointing us only. As far as possible one should restrain from criticising the others. If really one feels that there is a problem with the others, you can explain to them the point you have thought and there you should leave it. As long as the issue is not harming you-you need not worry. But if you feel that the problem what you have noticed is harmful to the other individual you can try to explain to him your point of view.
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    Such people who criticise everything are not liked by people. May be they think that people will think them to be very knowledgeable person as they can find fault in anything but thats not the case people start to avoid them as who want to be criticised everytime.

    I know few people of such nature, they don't have friends due to this habit of theirs..


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    @Neeru, I observe 2 aspects in your question.
    1. They criticise immediately
    2. They criticise everything

    One should always keep in mind that there can be people who are well-wishers and do keep very good knowledge of the subject. They will criticise the subject if they know that what the doer is doing is wrong. If they continue for even more time doing the same thing, the creation of doing will go absolutely bad and worthless. Thus, they will immediately warn you and keep on warning you again and again. If they have the right to stop you, they will stop you.
    This is healthy criticism. Thus in your query itself, please try to filter out these people. For example, a class teacher will criticise and stop you from doing a wrong way of study.

    The second kind is those people who, as you mention, act like knowing everything and will go on giving their views about the subject. As you rightly said, they think they know everything and their input is needed by others.
    Here also, you may want to divide people into 2 types.
    One are those who do this unknowingly
    While others are those who do this knowingly

    People who do this unknowingly, also do not expect anything in return. They do not even expect a comment. But keep a watch on what they say, sometimes, you might find out something which is really good.

    People who do this knowingly, have vested interests in their comments. These vested interested are most of the times, to pull you back from progress. This is because criticism is good, but criticism on everything is not a good sign.

    In the end, if you think of how to stop someone from criticising, you will never succeed. This is simply because we are not here to find out ways to stop others.
    But a much easier way is to improve yourself, in understanding how you can filter things and absorb only the ones that will lead to progress in yourself. And however one tries to criticise, they will become silent, once they see the end product of what you had been toiling for.

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    Very right. We see such people around us who are always ready to comment. They will give you unasked advices and suggestions whether you accept them or not

    These people are a source of annoyance and you can not have a healthy discussion with them.

    Knowledge is power.

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    People must have their own views on different issues, but criticizing on everything is a kind of habit. Those who have this habit of criticizing everything is very unhappy inside and they think the world should behave according to their choice.

    These people are most talkative and if you come in contact with them they will try to make you understand many things even if you do not like to listen to them. But, by thinking of this type of attitude of many people we should never avoid positive criticism and all our well wishers may criticize us for our betterment. The author has rightly pointed out that criticizing just for the sake of it doesn't look nice and people will try to avoid those people who does it just for the sake of criticizing.

    Nobody knows everything and we have to admit this. It is very embarrassing when people comment on things without knowing in details about it and unnecessary argue on it. It is always better not to argue with those people and if things go out of our control then we have little choice left with us other than avoiding them.


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    People who exhibit the tendency to criticize anything and everything without giving it a second thought may sooner or later find themselves being avoided by others. Criticism is nothing bad but it should be healthy and constructive. A person who considers himself to be too knowledgeable and feels that he is an authority on almost everything under the sun will most of the time, try to find faults with the thoughts, actions and opinion of others who interact with him. This is no doubt a negative trait. If one criticizes with the intention of making corrections or providing a balanced view, no one would mind giving it a thought. But at the same time, if the criticism is aimed at pulling other's feet or is an attempt to portray the other person in a bad light, no one would accept it though there may be exceptional cases where the other person may not want to hurt the self-proclaimed intelligent guy. Neither do I criticize anyone for the sake of it nor do I like or encourage people who indulge in such mean pleasures.
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    Being a human being we have a very complex personality traits of being biased to others & our immediate reactions would be to criticize anything which doesn't match up with our ideals or principles. In case this differs then obviously we know about our actions. We are evident of this mostly in the arena of politics that we are still on the absolute sides & always ready to counter others on some grounds & this is intentionally which shouldn't have been the case.

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