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    Suggestions for Improving Education system in India.

    Education Institutes in India give more trace on mugging up then understanding the problem and application of the knowledge in solving real life problems. The youth in India is confused due to main drawbacks of education system. To mention gew
    1 Teaching style
    2 Teachers knowledge
    3 Mugging up and no practical approach.
    4 examination system to test only memory
    5 No innovation and Research in education system
    6 No concern about regional and state problem solving approach

    Let us add value to this important topic

    Education is the heart of the great country.

    Dr Anil Gaikwad
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    I agree with the author. The Indian education system is giving more importance for scoring marks and getting degrees but the student is not getting a grip on the subject. The colleges and schools are giving more preference to mugging up the subject and reproducing it rather than understanding the subject and knowing the application part of it. Even an Engineering student also is not able to know the basics of the subject. They don't have any hands-on experience and they are not able to work on any machine or instrument. An ITI certificate holder is found to be a better technical person than an engineer. So one should get the in-depth knowledge about the subject and before he completes the degree, the students should completely know how best the knowledge acquired can be used. The education system should be changed in that way. Then only we will get degree holders who are useful to the industry.
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    Very right sir. It's great contribution from your side Thanks

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    I think the reservation factor to be deleted from our education system. Admissions in the college and school should be purely on the basis of the talent not on the basis of caste or religion.

    Also we should have add things which are more related to our day to day life. Basic sex education should be added in the system at school level so that the kids may understand a bit about it.


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    Basically our education system is based on examinations only and the more marks you get, the better student you are. There are many students who follow only solved question-answer books rather than the text books and this hampers the learning process. If emphasis is only on scoring marks and suggestion based learning then the outcome is easily understood.

    If we look into the teaching style, it will be found that there are a lot of teachers who take up the teaching profession just for the sake of a teaching job with little regards to the welfare of the students. Many people think that a teacher's role is limited to make the students understand the study matters, but a teacher has a greater responsibility for the all-round development of the student.

    Teaching was once a noble profession, nowadays, we see in many cases it is a business and the teachers who help students to score more marks by the suggestion based method of teaching are more popular. If we look into the number of student suicide in this country, we will be shocked to find that many are committing suicide because there is a fear of failure in exams.

    Since childhood everybody is learning a lot and the syllabus of the board exams are burdensome. Because of this huge syllabus, students are resorting to a way of learning where they are solving a large number of questions which are expected to be set in the exams, rather than thoroughly studying the books. This system is going on for a long time and the teachers who are teaching now also followed the same method to get the job of teaching.

    A system should be developed where life skills, which are essential to manage our daily lives along with the knowledge of subjects that a student finds interesting should be taught rather than a one-size-fits-all approach of learning.


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    In the initial stages of education, rote learning is a necessity. The children have to get by heart certain things like mathematical tables, poems etc. This will help in increasing the concentration levels. The mathematical functions like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are taught in many practical ways. The rote learning of mathematical tables helps the students to do all these tasks easily. The importance of rote learning should not be neglected.

    The teaching at later stages changes by introducing concepts, explaining the concept with examples, reinforcing the concept by working out some problems based on the concept introduced and finally arriving at a conclusion. This is how the teachers develop the lesson to make the student understand the subject under discussion. Most of the teaching is by talk and chalk. These days many gadgets are being used to teach the abstract concepts where the student is required to visualize in his mind which is difficult. I am not aware of the recent trends in teaching but I hope they in keeping with the time.

    The three important aspects of teaching are "why? what? and how?" The teacher should be in a position to explain to the students why the particular topic is to be learnt, What is to be learned and how it can be applied in a real-life situation. Many teachers fail to do this. The reason being they themselves are not aware of it. This aspect is to be corrected for effective learning to take place. The teachers should be given adequate training and also be involved with the field practices to know the practical applications.

    In Technical Education, for that matter in almost all the disciplines, there is a project work to be done at the end of the study. A real-life problem is chosen by the students with the help of the teachers. The problem selected in such a way that the all the knowledge acquired during the period of study is assimilated to complete the project. This gives the student the opportunity and confidence to correlate the knowledge in problem-solving.

    The laboratories and the equipment become obsolete over a period of time with new equipment developed. It is not easy to modernize the laboratories all the time. The best solution is to establish regional laboratories and modernize them from time to time. The students can use the regional laboratories and keep themselves abreast with new equipment and their operation.

    In the examination system, it is very difficult to test the student in all aspects. The examination boards are adopting newer systems of testing a student by class tests, end examinations. The question papers are set in such a manner that they test the students in knowledge, comprehension, and application. Practical examinations and project work test their ability to conduct tests, make observations and find the results using their theoretical knowledge.

    Innovation and research can be done in institutions of higher learning but not in schools or colleges. Those students who are interested in research work can take admission in such institutes and do their research work. In our country, a degree is acquired mostly for obtaining a job and make a living out of it. This basic necessity should not be forgotten when we talk about educational standards.

    Teaching-learning is a two-way process. There should be effective teaching and simultaneously learning should take place. One without the other is of no use.

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    In basic classes no students are trained properly for writing. The lower classes like LKG,UKG,First standard they should trained for writing and pronouncing the words and letters in their mother tongue first. Then only other subjects should get introduced. Nowadays many students of LKG,UKG and first standard are loaded with many subjects and volume of books. This makes aversion in them about study first and they lack back in writing and familiarizing with the alphabets. Then the teachers are scolded or criticized. In turn the teachers are beating or neglecting such students and further the students refused to go to the school. In olden days because of lack of funds many children driven to jobs by parents. The children of such cases were wandering in streets. They started to engage themselves in roadside vendors. In some schools there were students did not have proper food because of the poverty. By seeing the scene, then Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, Mr.K.Kamaraj introduced Free Education in Government Schools. Subsequently he introduced Free Noon Meals Scheme in schools. This was followed sincerely and with some improvement by then Chief Ministers M.G.Ramachandran and Mm.Jayalalitha.
    So, the Education Department should concentrate in the basic things of education of a state and then only advancement to the higher classes.

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    Hello everyone,
    I can suggest you some ways to improve the education system in India. India has shown an important improvement in education in the last few years but still, there is a gap that makes our education system imperfect. Look at the below-mentioned points-
    1) Replace all the previous outdated syllabus
    2) Educating the parents
    3) More focus on Rural Education and searching the rural talent
    4) Providing new digital technologies
    5) Good career counseling
    6) Full Support & Health Education

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