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    Life is full of lessons. What lesson have you learned from life?

    "You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending." -C. S. Lewis

    I believe in the same. Life is full of uncertainties and many times in our life we feel if we could start it again. But that never happens. We should always have it in mind that things that happened in the past can never be restarted but what we should do is to start from where we are and then try to change the results. I know that it is tough to do so but that's the harsh reality of life. Things can never be changed; we have to change as per the situations.

    What lessons have you learned from life?
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    The life is always full of many twists and turns. Always we can't predict the things the right way. Sometimes we expect a thing to happen in a certain way. But they may go in another way. So the first lesson I learned is to do my work the way I can do. I never expect the end result.
    Sometimes we feel we are on the top and the next we may be down due to some reason. The reason will also be from an unexpected front. So we shouldn't take anything granted. Till the results come out we should not feel that we achieved.
    Another big lesson I learned in my life is the things we feel unimportant will all of a sudden acquire a very high importance.

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    My life has come to this level and day only by learning;learning academically and also earning practically which is learning from life. It is not easy to pick and choose just one lesson learnt.
    However can we say that we have learnt everything or all things right ? We still commit mistakes and still learn.
    Experience comes from learning from life. At times we may also have to unlearn certain things.
    Learning has not stopped for me It will continue till the last breath, in some way with our knowledge or without. knowing.

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    Life itself is a big lesson and one keeps learning from it every moment. We get to know something new every time we turn the pages. We learn not only from our own experiences but from the experiences of others too. We learn so many things from nature also. I feel that life will be smoother if we are ready to accept our ignorance and are ready to accept fresh knowledge. We learn from toddlers who fall down while trying to walk but keeps on trying despite many falls and ultimately comes up with that victory smile when he starts walking without any support; we learn from the ants who realign themselves when they are disturbed during their long marches and so many other instances teach us different things. Of the many lessons I learned, the one that I would like to keep highlighted is the lesson that you can rely on totally only on your hands to rest your head which means that one should not expect help or support from any quarters at any time.
    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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    Life is a strange and challenging journey and we do not know our future though people try to predict it by many methods none of which in fact works.

    In this continuous journey we gain experience, achieve success, encounter failures, learn lessons and reach the end of life and sometimes ponder what we achieved and what we lost.

    One thing which I learned in my life is value of time. We have a limited time and whatever ambitions, plans and aspirations one has got are to be visualised in this limited time. There is no going back and there is no second chance. Time is a curious and mysterious entity in the nature. It flows in a forward direction only. It's speed of flow is relative. Sometimes it appears running fast while at times it is so lazy that it appears to move at snails pace and we see towards the clock time and again and puzzled by it's behaviour. But the interesting thing is everyone has this feeling at different times depending on ones circumstances and situations.

    So the lesson learned is one should utilise this time in the best possible manner and should not waste it. It is a precious commodity given free but only once.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Once the spiritual Guru Kabir Das told that he have many gurus in his life. He treated everything as a teacher (Guru) to him as he gained knowledge from each and everything from time to time. We can get a proper guidance only from only those who experienced in that topic. He can guide others to gain the same knowledge as he gained.
    Similarly, I learned a lesson from an unknown person, which may be a simple one but a valuable one. When I get down from city bus on the way to my office, I saw a man dropped his used ticket in a dustbin on the roadside without throwing the same on the roadside. Since then I used to drop the bus/train tickets only in the dustbin. On the very same weekend, I got a surprise applause for my such action. When I dropped my bus ticket on that day, a lady dropping the garbage collected from roadside saw my dropping told me,'if everybody does like this, our country will get cleaned well'.

    Water is given by rain without any bias, Fruit is given by a tree without any bias similar to that we have to help without any bias. This should be learned from nature.

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    We are learning different things from around us and applying them when necessary. It may be difficult to find a single lesson because life itself is a learning process. Since childhood we started to learn and we gathered experience at different levels.

    Actually if we look into our learning process, it will be found that we learned all things by following others. The more you pay attention to things, the more are your chances of learning. We always appreciate others for their good habits, way of speaking etc and we follow them too in our daily life.

    It is rightly mentioned by the author that what has happened in the past cannot be brought back again and we have to accept the present moment. Living in the present moment and being non-judgemental while interacting with others are among the important lessons that can be practiced by anybody to lead a meaningful life.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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