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    Forum superstars in position 3, 4 and 5 have a difference of only 1 point between them

    There are many interesting things witnessed by us on a daily basis and few of them are always worth sharing. The forum section is always interesting with topics ranging from queries to the editors/members about a particular issue faced by a member and here members share their achievements too. Few days earlier, Mr. Sun has raised a thread regarding wide variation of points between the forum superstars.

    Just now, suddenly I noticed something very interesting that I wish to share with all the members. The forum superstars in the position of number 3, 4 and 5 are leading one another exactly by one point each. At this moment position number 3 scored 504 points, position number 4 scored 503 points and position number 5 scored 502 points. Well, it may be difficult to prove because the points tally may change within the next few minutes, but indeed it is interesting. It's like three planets are coming in the same alignment. Mind it, it's a rare occasion and is hard to find.
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    It is an interesting observation. I have never noticed these things. But I would like to know about the points. Kindly explain if these are the weekly scores, monthly scores, or any other scores of these Members. From where have you observed these scores?
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    I have not checked it but they appear to me as monthly scores. Whatever it may be the observation is interesting.

    Some time back there was a similar observation by a member in which it was found that one member was far ahead from all the others while others were moving neck to neck. Then there was another observation in which a member pointed out that after a gap of so many months or years the number 1 in the forum was then replaced by another active member who incidentally is still carrying that honour.

    So these are the interesting episodes of our scoring and in fact some members are so active in this site that there bench mark is very difficult to attain if not impossible. They have almost established a type of record .

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    The Superstars is an award given to many of the ISC members where they contribute well to the website. Their contributions are also refined on the basis of the quality of their write ups.

    Superstars are different from Top Performers. Superstars are sought for 4 sections in IndiaStudyChannel. The four sections are:
    1. Forum
    2. Articles
    3. Ask Experts
    4. Jobs

    The Superstars are sought on the basis of their monthly contributions and the same can be found at this link: ISC Superstars

    The Top performers for the whole ISC website can be observed over here:
    ISC Top Performers

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    @Dr Apurva I got your point. But on the home page of every section like in forum there is an an option called superstars where 5 names appear and by clicking on that one can find out the points and the performance of a member. So why superstar is mentioned there whereas as per your statement it should be "top performer".

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    Superstars are subcategories of Top performers. Top Performers are top scorers throughout the website. Superstars are section specific.
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    Yes. The difference in points for the 3rd,4th and 5th rank is very less and the positions may change time to time. An overall number of threads per day has also come down. In the case of Ask Experts section, the points difference between the 5 top performers is also very less and the positions will keep on changing from time to time. A good observation by the author.
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    I remember some members, including Sun, responding in the thread under reference, saying that the vast difference between the points earned by the superstars was due to the forum becoming dull and because members were posting mechanically and were not really interested. If we go by that analogy, I think there is every reason to be happy now because the forum seems to have again become a place of hectic activity where members are contributing with a lot of interest and zeal. The fact that the forum has again, due to the judicious intervention of the admin from time to time, become a better platform is also to be taken note of.
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    #651702 @ Mr. Partha, in the forum section you will find the name of five forum superstars and the criteria of being one in each section is well explained by Dr Apurva Tamhane. Now to observe the score of the superstars, just hover the cursor under the name of anyone and you will be able to see their scores.

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    Thanks! I never noticed it (the points earned from Forum responses) earlier.
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    I noticed the same few days back as one of them is me and you. Its a good sign that here is lots of competition in forum section and people are conscious of points and to remain in "super star" category. But still only few of us are active and may be most of the people are busy in the preparation of festivals coming in few days.

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