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    Why do you worry? Have a good night's sleep!

    Having a good night's sleep will increase your productivity and if the company where you are working provides you a special incentive for sleeping 6 hours a day for at least 5 days, you would definitely wish to join the company. Crazy Inc is a Japanese firm that organizes wedding and giving its employees points that can be exchanged with foods worth 64000 Yen or around Rs. 41000 if employees follow the sleep pattern of 6hrs/day * 5 days/week.

    The mattress manufacturing company Airweave Inc has developed an app which is used to track the sleeping hours of the employees. A study conducted in 2009 found that insufficient sleep cost the US economy $411 billion a year and Japan $138 billion a year. This is directly impacting the GDP of the countries and Crazy Inc has taken the initiative to increase the productivity of the company. So, members why do you worry? Just sleep well and I am sure other companies will also follow suit if they really wish to increase the productivity.
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    This is an interesting step taken by the company. To add in the processes that happen during our sleep are as follows:
    Restoration of the immune system
    Repair of the nerves and the neurotransmitters
    Wear of the skeletal and other muscular systems
    The above process helps to restore the mood, cognitive and memory functions
    Balancing of the endocrine systems of the body

    If the sleeping function is not balanced, then it leads to various disorders over a period of time. They are sleeplessness - Insomnia, excessive sleep - Hypersomnia and Parasomnias, to name a few.

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    When a person sleeps for at least 6 hours a day, he will be active and his mind will work very actively. When you don't have sufficient sleep your mind will be very inactive and you can't show alertness. When we go to the office feeling sleepy the productivity will be definitely less and chances of doing mistakes are very high. So we should always see that we will have sufficient sleep the nights during the working days. So the Japanese point of view is very correct and one should have a good sleep.
    Many employees who work in the night shift should sleep during the daytime at least 6 hours. Otherwise the next night they will feel more sleepy and can commit many mistakes. Many employees who will be working in the night shifts will not sleep in the daytime and that will create many health disorders in long run. These days many of the organisations are trying to see that night shift will be only two days in a week for an employee and rotate in such a way that no one will be working whole week in the night shift.

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    Less sleep reduces productivity. This is good step started by the company. I don't think Indian companies can start this as people will take wrong advantage of the same and will sleep even when they have to work. Therefore that will not increase the productivity but will reduce the same.

    Night shifts are hard for the employees. Regular night shifts may develop many diseases if they don't take proper sleep in day time. The company has taken a good step that they pay incentive to their employee for sleeping in day as the employer know that they may not be able to sleep at home.

    I am sure employee as well as employer may be getting benefits due to this move but the same cannot be implemented here in India.


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    A good night's sleep is a blessing. It makes a person mentally fit and alert for the next day. I know the value of sleep very well as I suffer from insomnia.
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    Having a sound sleep is very good thing not only for the physical health benefits but also the mental health which is equally important.

    People who suffer with sleep disorder know the value of sleep. There are many who are forced to take sleeping pills for getting the sleep.

    People having good sleep are always fresh and are ready to take up challenges in the life.

    A good night's sleep is a blessing.

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