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    Teachers should be worshipped like God. Is it just a myth or truth?

    From the ancient times, we are brought up with the belief that school is a temple and teachers are like God. We respect our teachers and see them as our ideal. But in recent times we see that the trend has changed and the students don't respect their teachers that much.

    Yesterday an incident happened which showcase that respect towards teachers has decreased these days. I know we can't generalise it by just one example but still, I feel it is so.

    A schoolboy of 8th standard attacked his teacher with an iron rod. The teacher saw an iron rod in his bag and scolded him. He complained to his uncle that he is carrying a rod in his bag and threatened that he would complain to his father also. He took this rod and kept at his table. The boy came and tried to pick the rod and when the teacher didn't allow him to do so he attacked him on his face and head and fled by jumping the boundaries of the school premises.

    The teacher was severely injured and taken to the hospital where he is fine now. This is the case in a government school situated in Saket, Delhi.

    After reading this case I had a feeling that even small kids can think of such a thing. Don't the kids of these days realise that teachers are like God and they are the ones from whom we learn the things first after parents?
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    This sounds like an extreme case of psychotic behavior. There are children who have a messy childhood. They should be dealt with in a special manner. Thinking just few nice words would heal them is an idea straight out of movies. And I don't really think that boy had a vengeance with the teacher from the story you narrate. Teacher wasn't his primary target from this story. I think he might have some intersting reason which we will find out only after investigation. But what he did was plain wrong. Assaulting a teacher is a serious crime.

    Psychotic behavior must be spotted clearly in initial stages itself else an enormous damage is ensured.

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    There is a difference in the mindset of the students these days. Many young people say that we need not respect elders as just they are more aged than us. They feel that they have a better knowledge than many of the elders. That is why these students are not having the quality of respecting elders including teachers and parents.
    The elders are also responsible partly for this change. They don't respect the educated and people more aged than them. By seeing this only the children are behaving like this.
    Anyhow the example given is only a case of arrogance and we can't generalise the issue based on one incident. The example given is very serious and the boy may be having some mental stress and disorder. I feel that the family should get the child tested by a doctor and the necessary advice and medicines may be given.

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    Traditionally and culturally teacher has a great respect and place in our society. Today due to commercialisation of education people are not giving due respect and honour to the teacher feeling that they are paying to learn and it is the duty of the teacher to deliver. This paradigm shift is now being observed in the society.

    Still, there are many people who treat the teacher as Guru and go to him for advice and guidance. It is not that a person teaching in school is the only Guru in our life. In fact any senior who is helping us in our life to adopt good practices and learn the various arts and techniques is our Guru and if he is honest and transparent in his work he is adorable.

    Our mythology and ancient scriptures are full of praises for our great teachers or Gurus and also the reciprocating sacrifices of their disciples are well mentioned in those old stories.

    So I still feel that our teachers are our Gurus and we must respect them.

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    All the teachers should be respected and it is not a myth. What the author mentioned in this thread is quite worrisome and time to time these kind of reports of assault on teachers by the students surface. A student of that age is influenced by many things and the guardians also play a very important role for imparting good behaviour in the kids.

    The tendency of crimes among the youths are increasing day by day and schools along with the parents have a very important role to play to reduce this tendency. Many schools nowadays have student counsellors to help the students cope with different issues, though it is mostly limited to renowned schools. The growing years of a child is most crucial and proper guidance should be there for mental growth too.

    We see a shift in student's attitude towards the teacher in many cases because the concept of education has changed in many ways and people think a teacher is there only to help the students to score good marks. In many cases, people feel that a teacher has no role to play in the all-round development of the student which may be a cause of showing less respect to teachers nowadays. On the other hand, there are lot more cases where teachers are well respected and find a place in the student's heart. Assaulting a teacher is a serious crime and those students must be dealt with according to the provisions of the law.


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    Teaching profession is noble and should be worshipped. I highly discourage the fact, that Teachers are like role model and God. I have written this viewpoint on various other platforms, and some of the bitter childhood memories are because of these Teachers (I would say Bad people). Anyway, this is not the platform to diss someone and recall negative incidents, but yes, I have seen kids suffer because this is what has been taught to them, Listen to your Teachers. Thankfully when I grew up, I had ample of opportunity to mould my brother in a thinking that "If it feels uncomfortable, don't do it, even if Teacher forces you to". And I remember he said no, to do sit ups in front of Girls section. It was a humilation punishment instead of lessson, so he said no. And I remember Teacher planning to hit him, and he asked to make a call to his sister (me), or Parents. Long story cut short, I was also abashed by Teachers, but there was a long debate among good teachers and bad ones, and finally my mindset won.
    Listen to your child first. Here outside India, no one can even touch the kid, not even Parents. You dare to hit them, and you will be in Jail. As kids are responsibility of state here. I like this rule.

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    Absolutely it is a truth. A teacher is called as a Guru where the meaning of guru is a person who removes inner darkness. It is simple one cannot understand a thing merely seeing a book but is touching the mind only after explaining by a teacher. It can be realized only by experience as a student as well as a teacher. A student become an IAS officer, Minister,Collector, Police officer but the teacher still a teacher in the same school. In a village near Tanjore, Tamilnadu celebrated his teacher's 100th birth day in his 80th year of age. There are people honours teachers always and teachers are normally remembered by a real student always.
    In a real situation a Traffic police man standing in a four roads junction stopped an old man who came in a scooter. Astonished man stopped his scooter in the wayside and asked the policeman the reason for his stopping. But to his surprise the policeman removed his cap and bowed the old man by his feet and told that he was his old student. The old man shed tears by seeing his respect. This is not a story but happened really.
    Why his and her story, when I met my college professor after a gap of 10 years of gap from my college study. He felt very much happy to see me as a Manager of a Big reputed company. He was actually took subject of Management to me in the college graduation. So, the teacher is the only person has no jealousy on envy etc. on the growth of his or her student.

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    It is well accepted every where that the teachers are to be respected. It is a fact that a person grows together with acquiring knowledge. This acquisition of knowledge is with the help of a teacher or more. In olden days there used to have a teacher, generally referred as a 'Guru', who teaches everything to the student. In fact the child wpuld stay eith the Guru and follow him everywhere. Whenever tje teacher is free teaching takes place. During other times the student will help teacher and his family. In fact it was the fee charged. Also the Guru would give the student food and accommodation too freely.
    Now things have changed a lot. There are several gurus for every student, starting from KG classes till the college education is completed. Only a very few students would keep in touch with their teachers. That too a certain teachers. Many of the students might reach in high positions, many might not. Among the large number of teachers a good student might recognize a dozen of them. A teacher will be always happy if an old student come and meet him after so many years. Personally, I happen to be a teacher who taught in two different Universities. Many of my students have reached in the top positions in the society. There are Vice Chancellors, IAS officers, Directors of Central and State Scientific institutions, University and College Professors, good business men, etc. They still give me respects as a teacher.
    The disrespecting attitude among students are seen when they are studying. Afterwards they change, may be after attaining maturity.


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