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    Why South Indian cinema heroes are shining in politics.

    We have been observing in South India that cinema actors are taking a very important role in politics and they are occupying important positions in the Government. We know MGR and NTR who played very big roles not only in State politics but also in National politics. Then comes Jayalalitha who was the CM of Tamilnadu for many years. Similarly, many other artists in this field are showing interest in politics. Chiranjeevi, Pavan Kalyan. Bala Krishna, Rajanikanth and Kamalhassan are in politics now. We can't rule out the chances of these people occupying important positions in State and Central governments. This may be due to the hero worship shown by the people of these areas. The voters may be thinking that these heroes in reel life may become heroes in real life also. But do you think this is a correct thinking and if it is true why the people from other parts of India are not preferring the reel heroes for politics?
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    There are many regional parties in south and both MGR and NTR joined regional parties. It is true that there is a hero worship and many people may like reel heroes in real life too, but their fascination of joining politics may be due to few factors that has dominated the politics in southern India.

    There are many regional parties and it is comparatively easier to have a fan following if you can float a new party. In most of the cases regional parties are run by their founders only and in the absence of the founder a leadership crisis develops in the party until a suitable leader is found. Big national parties have many leaders and regional parties face a crisis because of dearth of leadership.

    The southern film personalities have a huge popularity and is easily recognizable in small regional parties that have very few prominent leaders. This may be one of the reasons why we find many film personalities in the south are joining politics.


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    In some of the places in our country this trend is there. The hero on the screen is taken as the leader in the public. It may be like a blind faith or hero worshipping but it is true.

    Due to this love and affection of their fans, many celebrities are finding it easy to enter the field of politics and reach the top position in their areas. Some of them reached to the top position in their respective states. So as a career option what else can be better than this.

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    Actually in south India people are die hard fans of these heroes and they think these hero will turn out to be real hero. Also the film stars too think they will become hero in real life. That's why they go in to politics once their film career gets over. It's very easy for them to get votes as people already know them.

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    I really appreciate this mindset of the actors (not heros), as they know that they can make some mark considering the fact that they are famous among people. If they say something, people follow them, pour milk on their posters, chunks of money for the flowers etc. So if they utilize this following to something good, it is a noble thought (provided the fact, that they do good for society).
    Many actors in other parts of the country also tried their hands in Politics. We had Amitaabh Bachchan, Vinod Khanna, Rajesh Khanna, Dharmendra etc old time actors, and Kiran Kher, Gul Panag (tried her hands to win election), Manoj Tiwari, Shatrughan Sinha, Jaya Prada, Jaya Bachchan, Govinda, Hema Malini, Sunil Dutt etc too.

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