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    An interview with the aliens

    Interviewer: Good morning world! Today CNN has done what humanity has dreamt for decades. We have secured an interview with Tralfagmadors. As we all know these extraterrestrial guests arrived here the last month on 15th August, Tuesday. They say they are from the Andromeda Galaxy, from the planet Tralfag. This exclusive interview is live at GST 17:30.

    ( The interview begins as the two Tralfagmadorians, a couple, dressed in red robes come forth to the chair opposite to the CNN interviewer).

    Interviewer: Good day Tralfagmadors! (Lends hand for a shake).
    Tralfagmadors reached out their dominant tentacles to shake his hand.

    Interviewer: Haha..I- I- I don't know where to begin with. Ok. Let's start with names. I'm Robert Trujilo. Can you both disclose your names to the world ?

    Tralfagmadors activated their translators and the female spoke from her beak: Hello Robert! I am Cklg and this is my husband Jrty. We come from Tralfag as you already introduced. We came here after accidentally reading NASA's radio signals(SETI). We needed mica to build burnt circuits in our spacecraft. Currently our aircraft sits under NASA's hangar and leading scientists your Earth are working on it.

    Interviewer: Well you have a surname? We don't address people on earth by their first names in our first meeting.

    Cklg: We are not familiar with the concept of second name...,Trujilo. But my husband here, bears the name Jrty Cklg denoting I am his wife. We also noticed one thing here. You have the concept of vowels on Earth. We find it really hard to articulate using vowels so in our planet we don't use vowels much. I know what your next question would be. Yes Tralfagmadors can count well beyond 10^100.

    Interviewer: No need for that Cklg. We are no professionals. We just want the general public to know how an everyday life of a Tralfagmador goes.

    Cklg to Jrty: Should I tell him? *Giggles*. Cklg continues," It was the Tralfag festival of Great sea. Our world is filled with water. I was a seasoned boat racer. Then three earth years ago I met Jrty. He was standing in the crowd blushing at me. He then approached me when I held my trophy in my tentacles proudly. He gently asked,"You are very good at boating. Can I sit behind you in your boat?" I fell in love with his gentleness. Oh I forgot to mention. Our males are smaller and gentler than our females. We females do the majority of work. When Jrty and I got pregnant, I gave him our eggs and he gently caressed them for two whole days till they hatched. Jrty and I were full time astronomers though. That is how we ended here. I miss my kids a lot. I hope grandma Ymir is taking good care of them."

    Cameraman smiles at the audio mixer and said,"She talks so much!!! Women are same all around the universe!"

    Interviewer thinks to himself,"Wow. I didn't have to speak anything at all. She took care of the whole scene herself. She is really an independent woman."

    Interviewer: Well that concludes our interview for today. Catch us tomorrow, GST 17:30, at CNN NEWS. "Exclusive interview with extra terrestrials".

    ( This is an entry for TOW contest).
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    Well, it's a good one. The aliens also talk with the help of a translator and have some similarities with humans . The concept of surname is new to them and they may arrive in this planet anytime in the coming days. I wonder what will be the headlines of all the media if it really turns out true. It's very interesting to note that they arrived on earth suddenly because they intercepted radio signals of NASA, possibly looking for a way out to repair their spacecraft. They are social too and the interpretation of Ms. Cklg suggests that they have a matriarchal society. A very interesting interview where the interviewer didn't have to say much but it went on smoothly with a basic overview of the aliens' life.

    A very good entry.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Good post. The concept is a new concept with the aliens coming to the earth and giving an interview for the TV channels. A new thought and the author made a good attempt in keeping the interview very lively and interesting. A good information about aliens has been given.
    always confident

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    A nice concept and good narration. The idea of aliens landing on Earth and asking our help cordially and giving an interview in TV and that also with laughing and giggling ways makes the narration interesting.

    Encounter with aliens in deep space or Earth has been a very interesting subject for all of us especially those who have an interest in finding extra terrestrial life. The universe is so big and there are so many galaxies, stars, planets and their respective moons that the human mind can not comprehend it fully. It is huge and gigantic in proportion and the sizes of heavenly bodies vary from small to very very big which we can not even imagine.

    There is so much material in the universe but the bodies are so distantly located from each other that inter galactic travel is a distant dream. So in reality we will have to wait for the interaction with these aliens if they exist somewhere.

    Knowledge is power.

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