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    Mike Brearley and MS Dhoni

    Do the cricket-lovers of the present generation know about Mike Brearley? I have doubt. Mike Brearley was a cricket player from England. He played test cricket (and also ODI) from 1976 to 1981. He was the captain of England cricket team for most of the part of his international cricket career. But why is he being discussed?

    Brearley was a very average player. He was a batsman. But his performance was not sufficient for him to don the England colour. Then why was he selected? He was a great captain. He used to use the resources available with him very intelligently and in spite of limited resources, he made England the No. 2 team of the world at that time. He used Botham, Willis, David Gower, Tony Greig and Randall very intelligently. During his time, England won some remarkable test matches. He used to bring victories from the jaws of defeat.

    MS Dhoni is the former Indian captain. He no longer plays test cricket. But he still plays ODIs. During his heydays, Dhoni was a brilliant wicket-keeper and very destructive batsman. But, of late, his batting performance is not at all good. But his wicket-keeping still has the old charm. It can be easily understood that his reflex is still excellent.

    Now let us talk about his astute cricket brain. He advises the present captain Virat Kohli very effectively. In fact, during the Asia Cup, Dhoni guided the stop-gap captain Rohit Sharma in such a manner that India won the trophy.

    So, my question is: Should we treat Dhoni as Mike Brearley and include him in the Indian team for the next World Cup? Isn't he fit for inclusion considering his excellent wicket-keeping skill and astute cricket brain?

    What do you feel?
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    I also feel Dhoni should be included in the Indian team for the next world cup. He is a very efficient Captain and his field placements and method of rotation of bowlers are excellent. Many times he advises the bowler very effectively and the bowlers will get motivated with his suggestions. He is a person who always suggests and guides his co-runner when he is on the field for batting. The way he manages himself on the field always stands as an example to other players. He never loses his calm and cool and stands as an example to other people.
    His presence in the team motivates the other players well and they may participate in the game with enhanced enthusiasm. Even the present captain respects Dhoni and gives value to his suggestions. His presence on the field will make all the difference. So even though his contribution with the bat may not be like earlier days, he should be considered keeping his wicketkeeping qualities and overall mentoring the team, he should be in the team for coming world cup.

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    Leadership is a great quality and a good leader can do miracles by motivating and guiding his team in the proper way. You may get good performers but getting a good leader is not so easy. A good leader is like a Guru. He will tell you what is correct and what is wrong.

    My knowledge about cricket is not much only limited to watching it rarely when few last balls are there and a few runs are to be made and I am sharing the thrill with other real cricket lovers. So I can not give an concrete opinion on that. Still, I feel that a good leader should be given an opportunity to steer the team but at the same time it will require some replacements also and the manager of the team has to see all those aspects before taking such a decision.

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    Leadership is definitely a born quality but the same can mastered further with the consistent efforts. A few essential traits in this line are patience, dedication for the group and should be a motivation - booster for the team and the way they inspire their fellows to achieve a mission is praiseworthy.
    While taking an example of MS Dhoni, the ex - captain of the cricket, he is known for his perseverance and calmness. He proved his excellence in numerous occasions while being an active leader and he was aware of team player settings leading to victory of the team being headed by him. Still he enjoys the same respect with the existing team - members of the Indian - cricket.

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    M S Dhoni was Captain Cool for his extraordinary leadership capabilities and never loses his temperament in difficult situations. As explained by the author with an example of his qualities during the recently concluded Asia Cup, it is well understood that the leadership capability is still there despite lack of batting form and this quality can always be used effectively during major tournaments.

    Earlier he single-handedly helped the team to win matches with his excellent batting, which we miss nowadays, but a good leader is always necessary for winning matches effectively. A wicketkeeper-batsman in the team is always an added advantage, but lack of batting form may be a concern. However, the leadership qualities are of extra advantage and since he was a former captain, a very successful one too, I think it should be utilized properly in the next ICC World Cup by retaining M S Dhoni in the team.


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    Yesterday Sunil Gavaskar stated that Dhoni would be required in the Indian team for the next World Cup. His advice to the Captain, direction to the bowlers and subtle field replacements help India a lot.

    In the meantime, Dhoni's 0.08-second stamping at the last ODI played in the Brabourne Stadium is his fastest. It proves that his reflex is still excellent.

    I hope that he would regain his batting form as there is no problem in his reflex.

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    No doubt he is a great player and a captain. He used to utilise his players as per the requirement of the situation. He is good wicket keeper and I don't think its right time that he should retire. Regarding his exclusion from the team, as far as player performs he should be kept in the team otherwise not. Instead good players should be given the chance to play. Yes he is good captain but virat kohli is also not a bad captain and with the experience his decision making skills will increase for sure.

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    I just know only the name of Ms dhoni But when I saw his movie "MS Dhoni-The Untold Story".then I knew about him. Where he is from? what are the career goal of him and other things? How he did struggle in his life to achieve his dreams.

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