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    The interview # an art of selling yourself.

    Don't you feel that the term "interview" to a great extent can be referred to as an art of selling yourself & therefore can also be referred to as a complex phenomenon of presenting yourself to the others in order to justify & take advantage of your stand & make better chances to get selected or offered with a job? With this the interview could provide the windows of the world of opportunities, learning & growth for a job seeker but this doesn't seems to be a simple process as it seems to be in the initial stages because your selection doesn't depends upon the performances of yours only but also on the performances of others. In accordance to this, if you have performed well over others than your chances of winning becomes easy but if the others have performed better then you than you may lost the ground.

    It is important to note that the winning or losing is not determined by any single criteria but on the numbers of other factors as well & therefore it is suggested to get ahead with the numbers of attempts as may require & work on your weaknesses so as to increase your chances for winning during the next courses of times but most importantly, be positive & never lose hope.

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    Mainly we remember jobs only when we hear the word Interview. But an interview need not be for a job only. It can be in many other situations also. Our performance in the interview for getting a job depends on many factors. The mindset of the person who is conducting the interview will also have a lot of impact on our performance in the interview. Many people feel that facing an interview for a job is a life and death problem. With that feeling, they will become very nervous and may not be able to do well. But if we don't think too much about that and try to present ourselves in our own way chances of coming out positively will be high.
    A good thread by the author.

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    An interesting thread, where the author focused on the selection procedure of candidates applying for a job. It's true that interviews, at times, are complex and the candidate has to prove many things other than the knowledge on the subject to get selected.

    The selection also depends upon the interviewer's capability to judge the candidate. One's selection in the interview depends on others' performance when the number of applicants are huge and the vacancies are too few. Here the mental state of the candidate plays a great role. There are few good suggestions in the thread for the interviewees that will help them if followed properly.


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    Yes interview is all about how you present yourself. Its all about the confidence you have in yourself. Its not that person who doesn't clear the interview doesn't have the knowledge it may be because he may have showed less confidence than others.

    Performance is all about how we work as a team. In manufacturing one cannot measure one's performance. It can be judged how team performs..


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