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    The once in a lifetime interview

    The palanquin bearers set me down. I hesitated just outside the doorway. I always thought it would be something ornamental in design, large and impressive, but it seemed to be, well, just a plain white door. Did I feel a little disappointed? Maybe. A gentle baton tap on the hand by the doorman (he at least was impressive, with his wide, broad shoulders and towering height) prodded me to push the door open and step over the threshold.

    No disappointments within, as I looked around. There was a vast expanse of blue and white, with a golden orb on one side and a sliver of silver on the other, luminous twinkles around it. Yet, I felt no heat or cold; just an inexplicable, unusual kind of warmth. Silence has its own beauty, and it was here, broken only from time to time by the soft flutter of wings.

    In front of me was a large, flower-shaped lustrous slab – was that iridium? Seated on its other side was a silver-haired couple. As I looked in turn at each of them, I realized where the warmth was. It practically radiated from their twinkling eyes and enveloped the entire space, hugging me in its embrace. They indicated to me to sit on an extra soft upholstered puff, and, surprisingly, I did not sink into it.

    The lady was the first to begin the interview – which is why I had been brought here in the first place – with a decidedly odd question, "Why have you come? Odd, yes; I mean, come on, one just cannot turn down that gilt-edged invite (it's a once in a lifetime summons, after all!). Besides, I was brought here by them, wasn't I, so surely they would be the ones to know the reason! But I respect elders and did not wish to be rude. So I replied, "Ma'am, I forgot to fix the clock and so my time was up, stuck somewhere near about 12". The side of her lips twitched, while the gentleman laughed outright in mirth. He said, "We know you've got a great sense of humour!" Yes, I thought silently, that's right and glad that at least the two of you do like it; there are a few who just don't get my brand of funniness.

    The next query, this time from the gentleman, was "Do you love yourself?" Good Lord in heaven! What on earth was this strange interview all about? Trying not to get into a fit of giggles, with a straight face I said, "Yes, of course, I do." The couple looked at each other and turned back to me with a smile, saying simultaneously, "No, you don't seem to". "You see", the lady said, "You are sweet and caring, but you are always so obsessed about trying to do things for others that you stop caring about yourself and so don't really love yourself." They then went on to tell me about the time I delayed taking an essential medication just to deal with some household chore, when I cut down on sleep to deal with an ISC-related issue…it was quite a little list…I was stunned at this perspective of things. How on earth did they know all this…how did they even know about something like ISC…you silly goose (I told myself, not them!), they are omniscient and they do keep up with the times, including tech and Net stuff. That's why they are who they are. I sighed, twiddled my thumbs, wondering what was going to happen next.

    Well, nothing much happened as far as the interview was concerned. There were just those two questions. The couple raised a benevolent hand each, as though in blessing…I opened my eyes and laughed out loud. The ICU nurse came running and said, "What a heavenly miracle!" Yes, it was. I had been given a second chance. To live again, to love me, too, and not just others.

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    P.S. By the way, there was no harp music. Way too clichéd, that!
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    It is true. One should love themselves and should have some me time. We will have many problems to face and many things to perform. But we should allow some time for talking to ourselves and see that we are having mental peace and good health. Nothing is more important than our own self and we should care for it. It is very difficult to get a second chance for all of us. So one should not wait for a second chance and utilise the time for their own health. Another important point to note is medication should never be ignored and we should be punctual in having our medicines to have a good health. A good narration by the Managing Editor.
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    You took a very different approach. Near death experiences are weird. This one portrays how one might feel very nicely. I couldn't get who the main protagonist was until the end. Nice work keeping the tension alive.
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    A wonderful write-up where two threads are intertwined effectively. There should not be any confusion while taking care of ourselves. We must have some time where we will be able to take care of us, irrespective of the situation we are in. It is good to take care of others, but at the same time if you forget to take the necessary medicines you will face serious health issues and won't be able to take care of others. This is a classic interview, narrated as if a play is taking place in our unconscious mind to make us aware of the things that we neglect.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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