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    Interview to select a cook for a Highway Dhaba (Restaurant)

    This week, the Members of ISC would discuss different types of interview. Some Members would definitely discuss various questions which are generally asked in the interview for white-collar jobs. A Member has already described an interview with the aliens. Another Member has written a beautiful poem on the painful bride-selecting interview. So, what can I say on this topic? Let me think.

    Last week, I happened to take my lunch at a Highway Dhaba with a colleague. The Dhaba-owner is a very close friend of my colleague. So, we were having lunch in his chamber. When we finished our lunch, the Dhaba-owner asked us to take rest in his chamber. We agreed. In the meantime, he started interviewing a middle-aged man for the position of the cook in his Dhaba. I listened to the interview with great interest. I am reproducing some of the interesting questions and answers for the Members of ISC.

    [The interview was held in Haryanvi Hindi; I am trying to translate the proceeding in English.]

    Question: So, how long have you been working as a cook?
    The middle-aged man: Sir, more than 25 years.
    Question: Have you earlier worked in a Dhaba?
    The man: Yes, Sir. I worked in a Dhaba near Indore for 10 years and in another Dhaba near Agra for 5 years.
    Question: Now tell me if there is any difference in cooking during summer and in winter.
    Answer: Yes, Sir. During the summer, we can't store a large amount of semi-cooked food. Further, the use of spices should be curtailed in summer.
    Question: How much time would you take to prepare 'butter chicken' for a group of twelve customers?
    Answer: Sir, if the ingredients are ready and the chicken is in semi-cooked condition, 'butter chicken' would be ready in less than ten minutes.
    Question: Now, an important question. How would you improve the unused food the next day?
    Ans: I would apply a liberal amount of garlic and ginger paste. More spice is required to be added to the broth. Further, I would add powdered chili to make the old item palatable.
    Question: You seem to be an experienced cook. How much salary do you expect? And what about leave and working hours?
    The middle-aged man: Sir, I expect Rs. 30,000/- p.m. I need rest of at least four hours everyday. I would require a leave of 15 days every year in two installments.

    The interviewer agreed to the conditions after some bargaining. I learned a lot about the food prepared in the Dhaba and the working conditions of the employees.

    [ToW entry]
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    An expert answered all the questions very well and got the job and the author got some additional knowledge on the preparation of food. How to avoid wastage of food was also mentioned nicely. But we should not and go eat in such dhabas as they may spoil our health in many ways. Thus the author educated and advised us not to rely on dhaba food as they may not be fresh.
    always confident

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    A very interesting interview to select the cook. The author has nicely presented his experience of listening to the selection process. You cannot get a job without the interview and it is applicable for cooks too. Cooking requires expertise and from this interview we learnt a little details about how foods which are not used the previous day are made tasty by the cooks at the Dhaba.

    It is possible to know many things just by paying enough attention around you and the author has proved this through presenting this informative and good write-up.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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