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    Be very cautious with the road side romeos

    The films in most languages are very dangerous. Love affairs are shown to happen in schools,. The young boys and girls are tremendously impacted. Even there is a real or imagined gap in love and affection in the family, or when the husband and wife keep on fighting with each other, young 16+ girls are easily attracted by road side romeos. Some of these characters have cars and attract the girls by first offering them rides to drop them in college and so on. They often bluff that they are employed abroad, and are here for a holiday and so on. When the so called affection seems to be real, the girls are trapped and the most unwanted events happen.

    There have been two or three real world case studies in Coimbatore city and another in a small village near Vellore. Fortunately, before anything very bad could happen, the police stepped in, arrested the rascals involved and thrashed them black and blue. It was then revealed that the guys involved were rich, spoiled people. The parents were thinking that the boys were going to their colleges.

    Fortunately, in both cases, the parents of the boys profusely apologized and the boys were then made to ride only bicycles. The police took an undertaking in writing that the girls would not be disturbed. The entire matter was kept confidential, to protect the girls. I came to know about it only from the police officials.

    We need to educate our girl children and also keep a tab on them. Let us not fight in their presence.
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    It is true. Many unwanted incidents like this are happening and many innocent girls are getting deceived. The teenage people don't have enough maturity to know which is a rope and which is a snake. Many times they feel snake as rope and getting deceived. In addition to that if they are not getting enough care and affection from the parents and other family members, definitely they will get attracted by the artificial love and affection shown by such people. So parents should take care of teenage girls and educate them about the ground realities and should explain to them the necessity of keeping a distance from unknown youth especially of the opposite gender.
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    I agree guys build this web of deceit just to trap vulnerable girls. Often there is the lure of marriage, and that is a very planned ploy guys use to get girls to become physically intimate with them. Even though there is consent, I see it as a well-planned rape.

    If girls become enamoured by a show of wealth, then they are at fault too.

    Coming to the Coimbatore and Vellore incidents, I wonder if the police were right in their action. Is it legal to beat a suspect black and blue, especially, when nothing untoward happened? On what basis was an apology sought? If the guys were involved in eve teasing, then they should have been booked and punished under the law. An apology does not suffice – the police did wrong. If the guys had become acquainted with some girls, the police have no business playing the moral police, unless they were caught doing something immoral. In which case action should have been taken as per the law.

    And finally, all these issues happen because parents do not talk to their children about facts of life. It is the duty of every parent to communicate with their children on all aspects of life.

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    In both the cases, the parents of the girl did not want the police to take action. That will be known to the press and so on. In both the cases the police had enough evidence that the boys were up to mischief based on some information received. You see, in many cases, the police do not file such cases. They inquire about the boys and when they know that the girls are about to go astray, they intervened. Many such cases do not go to the courts and cases are not registered. This is nothing new. I know of several such instances. In both the cases, the parents of the boys involved were shocked by the behavior of their own sons. The police acted the way they did, as the inspectors were personally known to the fathers of the girls. These things are very common in most parts of Tamil Nadu.

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    Yes. I agree the parents of the girls did not communicate to their children. They did not even know that the girls were roaming with the boys till someone warned them and the respective inspectors too. The police do thrash the boys to make them understand. Both were college boys. Some counseling seems to have happened in the Vellore case. I do not know about the Coimbatore case. It happened somewhere in the suburbs of the city. You see, in many cases, the parents of the boys are mature enough to understand the bad ways of their boys. They also do not want the police to register cases as that will mean the end of their careers. Most companies do security checks. In TVS group, for example, if the police records show any case of the boy's behavior or crime registered in any police station, he is not taken on rolls, even if he is a gold medalist. In villages, the police are also doubly careful.

    How is that the boys bluff that they have got jobs in the gulf? It is easy because the family might have migrated new to the locality and the boys go around bluffing the way they did. The full facts are not known in both cases. I have reported what I have heard. That is all. Of course, I do know several other cases where the police do beat up boys on mere information that they are up to mischief. In one case, the mobile messages, the photos of the girl taken by the boy without her knowledge and so on, were enough.

    The influence of the TV serials is another problem. The girls also blindly believe the boys. This is another problem.

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    There is a Government Girls' School in our locality. Everyday, before the school commences, I notice some young boys and young men on motorbikes trying to impress the girls (students of the school). Policemen say that if these Romeos are rounded up, pressure comes from the political leaders of the ruling party in the state to release them. The policemen are forced to release them because nobody presses the charge against these young men.
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    The Delhi Police is under the Central Government. The Delhi Government and its ministers have no hold over the Police. If eve-teasing or whatever it is that is rampant in Delhi, then the Centre should be responsible for the inaction of the police that is under it. After all, the 'beti bachao, bet padao' slogan should mean something. The beti bachao, is not just in the womb, but also from the men who harass them.

    I wish the Delhi Police wakes up and does what it is meant to do., instead of coming under pressure from political leaders who are not their masters. Looks like the ruling party in Delhi is stronger and has more clout than the centre, according to #651808.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    Yes, the Delhi Police is under the Central Government. But no police force can ignore the local MP/MLA irrespective of his/her party affiliation.
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    Yes,, e should take some extra care of the daughters. Girls are sentimental and they are easily trapped in the web of bad elements of the society. We must teach our daughter not to get friendly with the strangers as they may harm them. There are many cases where innocent girls are infatuated by the boys who take advantage of these girls and in many cases it is seen that sometimes they even blackmail these innocent girls and they never get out of their web.

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