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    # Interview of a beggar.

    These days when we stop at the traffic signal, it's very common we will find in Delhi is a beggar. He /she will knock on the glass of your car's window and will ask for alms. Even you deny he/she will not move and will repeat and ask you to give some money. Once I was travelling and stopped at the signal a beggar just came across my car. He usually is seen on this signal everyday but today I got a chance to talk to him. Here is the brief conversation we had.

    ME: How are you? I daily see you here on this spot daily.

    BEGGAR: I am fine. Yes you see me daily here as this is my workplace. As Diwali is nea it's our seqson of earning because people happily donate money in charity on festivals.

    ME: What motivates you to beg?

    BEGGAR: I always tried to find out the ways to earn more from such work where I have to work less and work should not be stressful and I found this profession to be the best one.

    ME: Don't you feel ashamed of your profession.

    BEGGAR: Not at all. In my profession there is no place for self respect and shame. One cannot take this profession if he feels it.

    ME: Don't you think that due to people like you the people who really need to beg don't get alms from the people.

    BEGGAR: Oh come on do you think such people will be able to get in this profession as they may be having some self respect. Also they lack quality like us, the professional beggars.

    ME: How many types of beggars are there?

    BEGGAR: There are two types of beggars one who are professionals and second who are really needy and requires help of others to survive.

    ME: What is the mantra? How do you able to get alms?

    BEGGAR: look, firstly aim your target and don't let it go from your sight. Ask him for the alms don't listen to him whatever excuses the person gives. Within 10 mins the person will surrender and will pay you for sure.

    ME: How do you able to manage as several beggars beg on the same spot.

    BEGGAR: See, we are professionals and we don't go to other's space, we are very much organised unlike you people.

    ME: How do you work when government has imposed ban on professional beggars.

    BEGGAR: Laughs... and says.. This is not a big deal. We share a part of our daily earnings to the police and they let us do our work.

    ME: How do you get sympathy from the people to get alms?

    BEGGAR: (laughter) Its very much easy. We just get a look of a handicap by twisting our hands, legs or mouth or sometimes put some turmeric paste mixed with oil on any part of the body so as to make people fool. They think that we are burnt.

    ME: Thanks for sharing about you.

    BEGGAR: OK, takes out his alms bowls and yells Allah ke naam pe de do baba.

    NOTE: This is my entry to TOW #Interview.
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    The author presented one of his interactions with a beggar in Delhi. In India, in many places, we will find many beggars who are very healthy and strong. But they never feel ashamed to go and beg. They feel it is their right. Added to this the beggars will be getting the support of some people who are supposed to safeguard the government orders will help these people in continuing their shameless job. The author presented the problem well.
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    I have heard there are professional beggars who chose to beg because they do not want to work at all. I have seen few videos too, but from the interview I am surprised that they share a part of the alms with the police too. I have also heard that there is a training school for beggars outside India, though there is no confirmation, but from the tactics described by the beggar in this interview it is understood that they have learnt it to dupe people.

    It is a fact and widely covered in the local media of West Bengal sometime ago, that bribes taken by the traffic police are shared among officials of the higher ranks also and if it is true for beggars then there should be a proper investigation to bust this racket. It is true that begging cannot be a profession and people will never choose it as a way of earning, but if criminals can take to robbery or snatching to earn then it is not surprising to think that someone can ask for alms too as a means of earning. It is really a concern if begging becomes a way of earning.


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