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    Rain rain come again, let us enjoy quite often!

    What's the best way in which you enjoyed a day when you are forced to stay indoors due to a heavy downpour? Share your interesting activities here.

    You are not little Johny now and hope you do not play outside in the field every afternoon. But do you hum the nursery rhyme and wish the rain to go away if it rains heavily? Rain can play a spoilsport for everybody if there is a heavy downpour. Imagine those days, when you celebrated the rainy days inside the classroom with the song, recitation and many more in the absence of teachers.

    When we were at school, rainy days were always special because many teachers used to come very late and sometimes were absent too because of the torrential rains. Many of the members might have enjoyed the same during their childhood too. But when you become an adult and is engaged with many responsibilities, it is difficult to enjoy those moments. The pitter-patter of the raindrops is very appealing if the ambience is absolutely calm and there are many poems and stories written on the rainy season describing its charm.

    Suppose if you are stuck inside your home because of the torrential rain and you thought of enjoying a rainy day, how you will plan to enjoy it? Members, please do share your thoughts.
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    For me rainy days are special. I always use to enjoy in rain. Today also I can't resist my self in going out in the balcony when it rains heavily and I am at home. My kids too have fun in rain. We eat pakodas when it rains. Me and my wife still have a small kid inside and we don't spare any chance to have fun in life. I don't like going to office when it rains.

    I remember when I was a child I never used to miss school and love to have an umbrella in hand and going out. My parents used to scold me but I used to make excuses to go to out. How different I was from others? I laght at myself when ever think of it.


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    The rain is enjoyed by many people in various stages of their lives. As a child, we all enjoy playing with paper boats in the rainwater. It was an immense pleasure to have a walk in a slight drizzling. But I used to feel happy if there was a rain during my school days as there was no need of going to school in that rain and school also may be closed. I used to like eating hot snacks like Pakoda when it was raining outside. But sometimes if the rain was continuous for 3 or 4 days I used to feel bored as the house will be full of wet clothes which were not completely dried due to the continuous rains.
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    Rain is always welcomed by most of the people, especially for children. I remember, during my childhood days we children always felt very happy when heavy rain came. Our house was on the side of a large paddy field. On the opposite side of these fields, there was a brook. There used to be water flowing through this brook, but when the rain happened to be heavy, water would overflow and the paddy field would be immersed in water. This would give a feeling that a big river was flowing in front of our house. It was interesting for children like us. But it generally remained only for a short period.
    Now I must say that rain has a very harsh face too. Two months back heavy rain completely ruined several parts of the State. Total loss is estimated as Rs.3,000/-crore by the United Nations team. About 500 people died in the calamity. It might take years to correct the damages caused by the flood.


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    Rain is like the divine water pouring down from the heavens. This is the gift of nature bestowed upon us after the scorching hot season.

    I remember when we were in our school days we used to wait for rains to stop so that we can go to friend house, library or market. It was a great obstacles for us. We hated to take umbrella with us. It was such a great inconvenience. A little slow down in the intensity of rains, we used to venture out and try our luck for outdoor activities. The family members will ask us not to go outside as there was a risk of getting cold and fever after drenching in the rains but we never bothered for those instructions and always ready to run out at an opportune moment.

    Once we got a job, many times we did not know that it was raining outside. Only when we wanted to leave our work place we were concerned as we had to go by bus or auto or train and reach those nearby places from we can get one to go back to our house. We were keeping umbrella invariably with us during rainy season as not keeping it meant the loss of valuable time in the building corridors or shops or some scattered shelter. We started understanding how useful umbrella was!

    Today when it rains and I sit in my balcony with a cup of tea in my hand, just staring in that continuous drizzle, it is something like complete harmony with nature.

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