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    My first interview after completing my post graduation

    For any student interview is something which brings fear, apprehensions and anxiety but there is also a hidden hope to get through and reach ones career goal. Due to the immense competition for the advertised vacancies and huge rush of the aspirants, it is not necessary that one gets through in ones first attempt. That is why people are applying at many places and attending interviews regularly.

    The first interview after completing our education has a peculiar excitement as it is the first test that we are going to encounter in this practical world. I still remember my first one and the palpitation of my heart and excitement while entering the interview room is still fresh in my memory.

    It was the year 1973 and after completing my post graduation, I was desperately (as job condition was no better even at that time) searching a good job and meanwhile got an interview call from UPSC, New Delhi for the position of scientific officer. I was happy and read the call letter 2-3 times and noted the contents. I was also to get to and fro train ticket money from my hometown to Delhi from UPSC at the time of attending the interview. I really felt honoured with that gesture of UPSC.

    When I reached the venue in the morning on the day of interview I was asked to get my documents verified at a counter and then wait for my turn. There were so many contenders sitting there and soon while talking to each other, I came to know that there were about 44 candidates called for the interview for merely 4 advertised posts. It was fearful. Another blow stuck me when I came to know that all the candidates called are I class/division holders right from their high school to post graduation.

    I had nothing more than that qualification and I found that to that extent all of us were equal and sailing in the same boat. By that time it was also clear that interview is going to be the deciding factor in the selection.

    The interview started at 10 AM and my turn came in the evening around 5 PM and by that time we learned that they were asking questions related to basically Physics, Chemistry and Maths and no question was being repeated by them. So there was no point in grabbing the candidate coming out of the room.

    When I was called for interview, I entered the room showing full confidence and sobriety but as is said face is the index of mind, the board members soon found that I was nervous. The members are very experienced and know what is going on there in the mind of the candidate. Whatever be the reasons they were very polite and courteous in their approach and made me feel home in no time. Now came the shower of questions one by one from one member then other member and so on and then the chairman of the board who was the last to ask.

    The time seemed to stand still and I thought it might had been an hour but I was told by other candidates outside that it was only 15 minutes. Still it was quite long. I did remember only a few questions and I was not very sure what I answered but on an average I was happy about my performance that I did not break down in that room.

    You might have guessed that I was not selected. Your guess is true. After that I attended many interviews even when I was in some job but I became more steady and professional in attending them and also got selected in some of them and even do not remember what happened there but the memory of my first interview is still fresh in my mind.
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    A good thread where the author recollected the experience of facing the interview for the first time. After finishing the education most of the candidates look for a suitable job and interview is the gateway for getting the job. Being successful in the interview and getting a job is the stepping stone of life and the first interview always find a place in the memory.

    Sometimes the interviewee may become very nervous which may impact their performance a lot although it's always an experience. There are many stories revolving around interviews and as long as you remain cool and calm during the session you have some advantage.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Mr. Umesh has reproduced how he was feeling when attending an interview for the first time. Though it was after completing his PG and fresh with the studied subjects, a sort of confusion came up when the interviewers started asking questions. I think this experience will be almost the same in everybody's case. My attempt was also after obtaining the Master's degree. It was for teaching post in the post graduate department where I studied. Of course the number of candidates was very small, four or five. One was my class mate and another one my fellow researcher, one year senior to me. Others also were post graduates in the subject.
    The interview board consisted of the Vice Chancellor of the University, the Head of the department of the subject and two subject experts. I was almost sure that I would not be selected, since the two candidates were weighing more than me. One was the research scholar working for Ph.D. who was senior to me by experience and the other, though my class mate, had earlier taken a Master's degree in a related subject. When the interview results were announced I came only third and there were only two posts. The same two candidates, whom I thought, got the first and second ranks.
    After this I attended one more interview after completing two more years. It was again a teaching post. In this case I was almost certain that selection would favour me, since by this time I had almost three years research experience. That time I was selected as a Junior lecturer in another post graduate department.
    In both these interviews I had no much tension or fear while attending the interviews. More or less I was sure what was going to be result, hence not worried.


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    Mr Sanskaran:
    Nice that you wrote here your experience in the same situation. Thanks for rekindling the old memories.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I have read the interesting experience of interview of Mr. Umesh and Mr. Sankaran. I was fortunate enough to clear the first and second job interviews of my life. But I mentioned about my unsuccessful job interview in the following article:-

    Unsuccessful interview and the role of the moustache.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I thought another experience I had also might be brought to your notice. After starting working in the PG department as a Junior lecturer, I responded to another notification from ICAR (GOI), New Delhi. It was for a post connected with sampling in the Agricultural field. Post was in the Scientists category, involving survey and analysis of data. At the interview the questions asked were directly connected with Sampling techniques. Since I was teaching those topics, I could answer almost all related questions. They were satisfied with my answers. Because of all these I expected a positive response from ICAR. But it was not. I understood from other sources that some influences were needed to get in there !

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    A good presentation from the author. It is true that when we go for an interview for the first time we feel very nervous and we may forget many answers to the questions asked by the board.
    My first experience was for a junior lecturer post in government junior colleges in Andhra Pradesh. During those days I was doing my PhD. The notification for the Junior Lecturer posts came and I applied for it. There was a written test and I cleared the written test. I received the call letter for interview. I travelled to Hyderabad for attending the interview. There were many candidates and almost the ration of posts available and candidates called for was 1: 5.
    I was called inside and I tried my best to see that the interview board will not understand my anxiety. They asked some questions and I answered the way I can. The interview took about 25 minutes. But I was not selected. But I still remember by the excitement I had at that time.

    always confident

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    Having an interview used to give me a shiver in whole body. I can understand what you might have been feeling at that time. I also gave many interviews for job and in the starting I used to be very nervous as sometimes I used to fail to give answers of the questions of the interviewer but later on this nervousness vanished of its own with the time.

    Now because at the job I do have lots of interactions with the people so I don't fear of any interview now a days.

    I know job interviews are always scary as we expect a lot and we don't get through them we curse ourself and prepare well for the next one. That's how things work.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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