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    Be bold and don't be afraid of taking risks.

    This world is full of uncertainties and to survive, one has to take risks. We should understand that every decision including the decision not to do anything carries a risk. So why not do something? Maybe, by doing something we may succeed.

    We have to take risks in everything. A risk is unavoidable in our life and we should focus on taking the right kinds of risks that may help us to get the right opportunities in our life. It is alright if we fail sometimes but that's how we learn what is essential for us.

    I like taking risks in life as that's how I am better when compared to others. What about you? Do you like taking risks in life or to face life as it comes?
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    One has to take calculated risks in life. Otherwise, the progress may get hampered. If we sit on the seashore and wait for the waves to come down, we can't have our bath in our lifetime. Same is the case with risks also. In our lives, we will be facing many risky situations. We should not lose our heart but take them bravely and try coming out successfully. Otherwise, we don't know we may miss many opportunities. Nobody will offer you the food cooked for eating. You have to obtain it. That is life.
    I have taken many risks in my life so far and I am successful in all my attempts in risky situations. If I look back sometimes I myself feel how I have taken that much risk.
    I was working in a company in AP and for some issue, my decision differed from the promoter's decision. I got upset and resigned from the post without having any other offer in my hand. Those days I have no financial reserves and I was completely dependent on my monthly salary. At that time I am living with my wife and a child. But I tried my best and got another job within the notice period itself so that my earnings continued without any problem.

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    A good thread by the author that tells us not to be afraid in difficult situations. Life is always unpredictable and we cannot expect success in every situation. There are situations when we had to take certain risks to progress further or to achieve something that is really important.

    This risk doesn't mean to risk our lives but to take some decisions in life that may result in some unknown consequences. In case of changing the job that you find very uncomfortable, you may have to resign and go jobless for a certain period but by trying new things you may even land in a better job.

    Many people are there who are in difficult situations and keep on brooding, but never try to take the risk to come out of it. Taking risks in new ventures are always an experience and there one can see life from different view points. Taking risk on something means you are not sure of the consequences, but at the same time you wish to see what will be the outcome of it. So, in every situation we need to explore ways to move forward.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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