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    The interview which changed my life completely

    I was travelling to Hyderabad from Visakhapatnam on Godavari Express. I just got into the coach and the train started. I sat on my berth and on the opposite seat a middle-aged lady was sitting. She just smiled and wished me. I reciprocated. By the time the train reached Anakapalli, she started talking to me.
    " I am Dr Sunitha", she said.
    "I am Dr Rao", I reciprocated.
    She told me that she is a gynaecologist and I told her that I am not a medical doctor but a PhD in chemistry. She asked me many details about my thesis, the work experience and family details and many other points. I felt as if she was interviewing me for a job. I have also asked her some details and we both went to sleep.
    The train reached Hyderabad. I was about to get down and she gave me her card and invited me to their house on that evening. I hesitated a little but she made me accept. I told her that I will meet her after completing my work.
    In the evening around 7 PM, I went to their house. Dr Sunitha and her husband were waiting for me. She introduced her husband as an MD of a company and we discussed some issues regarding their factory and we had some snacks. Then he asked me to meet him in his office the next day and I was offered a post in their Organisation. From that day onwards my life got changed completely. From the Manager (Quality Control) post I had gone to the level of Director on board and I served that company for more than 30years.
    That is how an unplanned interview with a lady on the train-initiated my long career.

    This is my entry for the Tow contest Topic for the month end TOW contest for the month Oct'18 -'Interview'
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    The thread indicates how a normal interview even inside a train compartment can change the career options. A nice write-up that is based on a real life experience and it shows the importance of effective communication skills.

    It is the communication skills that make the interviewer or listener interested to know more about us. This is another good example to show that important changes can take place in our life even if we do not plan them.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    That's really an interesting story of yours. Sometimes we don't expect things but they happened. That lady might have been impressed by your polite behaviour as no one would easy talk to a stranger but you did and even when to their house though she invited you. But that for sure if I were in your place I would not have gone to their house for sure and would have missed the opportunity.

    I am sure she might have invited you to her house as she saw something good in you and knew that her husband would keep you qs a director in his factory.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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