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Time to receive your double reward for the articles on correspondence courses!
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    Double Reward Program on Correspondence Courses - confirm your reward

    We had organized a double reward Program on articles on correspondence courses , wherein the participants will receive double points and double cash credits.

    Accordingly, we request all the participants to confirm this is your reward for the articles which you submitted so that we can credit it today itself -
    1. Juana - 390 for five articles.
    2. AB Sivakumar - 60 for one article.
    3. Soundharya - 250 for three articles.
    4. Partha - 205 for four articles.
    5. Jenny - 140 for two articles.
    6. Aditya Mohan - 90 for two articles.
    7. Sankalan Bhattacharya - 80 for two articles.

    Thanks, everyone, for submitting such valuable articles!

    Note: The above is the list for only those articles which have been fully approved. In case your article is still in pending due to not fulfilling the criteria for the double reward as per the instructions, then you will need to first do the needful.
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    Vandana Ma'am, I have checked and found the rewards for my articles correct. I have submitted two articles for which the total points awarded was 80.

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    Congrats to all the participants. Unfortunately I didn't participate in the contest due to sone reasons. I will participate in the contests in future.

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    Yes, I checked. The total points of my two articles are 140.


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    Yes, I did publish only one article. I got 60 points for it. Thanks.

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    Yes, I confirm that I wrote four articles under this double reward programme and I have been awarded 205 points for these four articles.
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    Congratulations to all the participants! The rewards as announced have been credited.
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    My article in this is approved yesterday evening. I hope for my article also the rewards will be added. This is just for the information that my article is also now completely approved.
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    The articles of the remaining two participants have also been approved, so their double reward will also be credited today as follows -
    1. Shampa Sadhya -50 for one article.
    2. Dr Rao - 45 for one article.

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    Cash rewards and points to Shampa and Dr Rao have been credited.
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    The amount and the number of articles shown against my name are correct.
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    It's my first article on this site and, I am happy that it got approved after three pending status. I got scared especially because of Grammarly. Later, I felt good because I learned how to link with the internal sites, how to make headings bold, proper spacing and usage of appropriate words.

    This experience is quite enriching because when an editor approves the work then, it means a lot. The self-publishing sites do not give the same pleasure.

    Thank you very much for approval. Hope next time I won't face the same problems!


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