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    Is Straightforwardness is a weakness or strength in the present society?

    As Darwin told "It is not the strongest of the species that survives nor the most intelligent but the one most responsive to change" as Modern Era living is an art in present society you must be self-control and you must adapt to the environment or society but some people will ignore this and want to live in straightforwardness as they don't care for anything or anybody. Is straightforwardness is a weakness or strength in the present Society? Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    From my personal experience, I can say that straightforwardness may not be a sign of weakness, but it creates lots of problems. Straightforward truth is not very easily tolerated.
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    Straightforwardness is always better but many people can't digest this. If you go and tell a person that he is wrong, he may not be able to digest it and he will try to defend his action. That is why many people who are very straightforward are not liked by many others. Even though what he is telling is true also, many people can't accept this easily.
    In the present society, people wanted sweet coatings on bitter pills also. If the pill is bitter taking that pill is very difficult. But the sugar-coated pill is very tasty and people will easily consume it. This may be the reason many people express their views in a very polished way indirectly.

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    The most practical aspect of having a successful life is to use the diplomacies instead of being straight to the people or with the circumstances or else you should be in such a powerful situation that nothing bothers you but even after all this you may lead to the negotiations & not standing all alone to yourself. In reference this being "straightforwardness" is neither a sign of weakness or of strength but creates an image of yours as an immature & foolish personality who is more into creating enemies around themselves.

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    I believe straight forwardness is mixture of both. Sometimes it's strength as such people most of time speak truth in any situation. If they don't like anything they will speak on your face and won't manipulate things just to please you. Therefore they are very sure about their opinions. You like it or not they will always say what they like. Whereas this is also their weakness as people don't like them because of their arrogance and such nature.

    But I feel straight forwardness is a quality to admire unlike other s such people don't create illusions about themselves.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    There is no harm in practicing the straightforwardness but it does not help in solving the problems in hand. The other person will also simply answer in a straightforward manner and the matter ends there.

    Straightforwardness is useful only when you are in a decision making level and after a lot of hue and cry and listening to all you tell that it should be like that and that is the end of it. Because of your authority you can afford that. But when we are at a lower level and have to request a person something which is in his purview we have to be polite and diplomatic if we are interested in a positive response from him.

    As a student when we come out of the universities or colleges most of us are straightforward but can not survive in this practical world if we do not change our ways and become receptive and collaborative rather then straightforward, aggressive and demanding.

    Anyway it is an opinion and from person to person it can differ. Different people have different mannerism in the society and have different ways of getting their aspirations fulfilled.

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    Straightforwardness is not a weakness, but the problem is if all the persons you are dealing with are not straightforward then you will become a minority there. They will not listen to you and you may always feel uncomfortable working with them.

    Now, there is a limit to everything and if a straightforward person doesn't speak out fearing backlash then in few cases it may be an indulgence in corruption too. For example, when someone notices there are corrupt practices going on inside the work place where most of the colleagues are directly involved in corruption, keeping mum without protesting is a way of indulging in it and we see very honest officers are harassed for being straightforward.

    When you know that you cannot leave the job or avoid the situation then you have to be tactful in dealing with the situation. Certainly straightforwardness cannot be a weakness but it all depends on how you effectively manage the situation.


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