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    Hot elections fever in Telangana

    In Telangana, crucial environment of elections reaches a hot topic in the mouths of people. I think it is a juncture after the formation of Telangana state. Further, it influences the coming parliament elections in 2019. However, the competition among political parties in presenting agenda is very much astonished to the people. What will be happened after elections? Wait and see.
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    For me the politics & the elections are losing its attractions to the major part of the population because there is nothing new which is expected out of this. So far this has been very much clear of the verdict but we are still more interested into the employment & growth opportunities around.

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    Yes. Telangana is now with election fever. Many meetings. Many leaders visiting the state. TRS and Maha Kootami consisting of Congress, TDP, TJS and Communists are the strong contenders. Initially, it was thought that TRS will win the elections easily. But slowly the Congress is giving a good fight. Even TRS wins also the majority may not be like earlier, many say.
    KCR is as usual in scolding the other leaders with very bad words. He started blaming Chandrababu Naidu and he started criticising the Andhra People. Then his son is trying to correct the mistake with a fear that the Andhra Settlers in Hyderabad may not vote for them by saying that KCR is against only Babu but not against the Andhra people. A very big drama is going on.
    The local leaders are spending a lot of money to gather people for the organisation of the meetings. These days the people have decided their own rates for attending the meetings. Earlier people used to travel by trucks and lorries to the meetings. But now they are insisting for buses to travel. They are prescribing their food and liquor requirements and wage details to attend a meeting.

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