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    Bell Quiz - answers and feedback

    The answers to the Bell picture puzzle with acceptable optional answers are:
    1. Bell image 1 – this Bell is in front of?
    - Monastery/Vihara/Tibetan Residence
    2. Bell image 2 – these bells are on?
    - Christmas Tree
    3. Bell image 3 – these bells are inside?
    - Temple/Mandir
    4. Bell image 4 – these bells are part of?
    - Windchime(s)/Chime(s)
    5. Bell image 5 – this bell is located where?
    - School/Educational Institute/Educational Institution
    6. Bell image 6 – where would you generally find this type of a bell?
    - Church/Bell tower of church/Top of a church
    7. Bell image 7 - this is not an actual bell. What is it?
    - Kandeel/Lantern/Lamp/Lampshade

    Refer also: The winner and the tally points of the participants
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    Question No. 5: My answer was incorrect. I am going to put the blame on my wife. She told me to change my original reply (which was a school).

    My answer to Question No. 7 was also incorrect.

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    A few hints in the images -
    1. The design on the roof of the bell and the building in the background is typical of a monastery.
    2. The green background and the bit of decoration seen in the image indicate that it is a Christmas tree.
    3. This was quite obvious that it was some kind of a temple.
    4. There are a group of bells hanging down from their individual strings and this is common to windchimes.
    5. Goddess Saraswati (the Goddess of Learning) is clearly in the image, indicating that it is a school. We decided to accept answers which stated it was an educational Institute.
    6. This is a typical image of a church tower bell. We decided to accept the answer of just 'church' since in the puzzle it was not specifically said on top of what or on.
    7. This photo is of a Diwali Kandeel being sold by a roadside vendor. 'Kandeel' means lantern. We accepted lamp and lampshade also as people use it for this purpose as well in home decor.

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    So close. I mentioned the exact location for clue number one, since I have been there, and recognised it, from the image. I knew it was a monastery but realised my error after posting my response.
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    It was indeed a good compilation. Some of them were easy and many members might have got them right also.

    The participation was not very large but it was good fun and also thrill of finding the correct answer. This type of mind games or exercises take us out of our monotony and bring fresh wave of intellect. We also realise where we stand in such type of problem solving.

    What I will suggest and submit is that this quiz was very short and crisp which may be a reason of less participation. If we have a large number of questions say at least 30 then members will find something of their interest there and definitely they may think to participate may be by attending partially but it will be more interesting.

    However, the concerned editor has to see all other considerations also before posting such contests for the members as the length of the puzzle is only one aspect.

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    It looked a short, easy and a good quiz at first instance but it was not as I was able to manage 3 pics right. I knew it while responding that all of my guesses might not be right.

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    As I did not notice the quiz in time (because I was busy in writing two articles simultaneously), I was could not think deeply because I was in a hurry to post my reply within the stipulated time. I found the last one very tough or my tired brain could not recognize the image quickly.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I have answered 4 questions correctly. I have got fewer points than, another member who answered only 3 questions accurately.

    My answer was Christmas bell for the 2nd pic. Shouldn't it be considered as the correct answer? I did not mention the word tree but, it is quite understood.

    I am not countering any decision. I am only interested in getting my doubts cleared. By the way, congratulations to all.


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    The question asked was - Bell image 2 – these bells are on? The question was not about identifying the type of bell.

    Your answer 'Christmas bell' implies that the bell is 'on' the Christmas bell.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    Thank you for the answer. I know, I made a silly mistake. Still, I wished to know about the logic behind the answer.

    It is about the point system which is not yet clear to me.


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    It is quite simple, really. If you read through the announcement you will find that it clearly states that the first 7 entries will get double (2) points for the correct answers. Yours was the last entry, and not among the first seven, so it did not qualify for the double points or CC.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    Please refer to the text in the Word doc. which had the images. There it was clearly stated "The first seven members will each get 2 points and 2cc for every correct answer. All the remaining participants will get 1 point and 1cc for every correct answer. " Since there were seven images, accordingly, the first seven would get 2 points and 2cc and the rest 1 point and 1 cc. Since you were a later participant (after the seventh), you got only one point and one cc for your correct answers. Hope this clarifies the points' system which was implemented for this puzzle.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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