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    Why not regulate the lorry guys who supply water in cities?

    There are thousands of lorries that keep supplying the drinking water to hundreds of hotels, industrial establishments, shopping malls and so on, in Chennai. The drivers of these lorries come into the city from distances as far as one hundred kilometers. They are one of the biggest nuisances for smooth traffic. The water always leaks from the lorries and the two wheeler drivers find it so difficult to negotiate the traffic when these lorry guys literally do not give them any space to move around.

    The auto guys add to the confusion as well. Why not regulate these lorries? I do not know the situation in other cities. For example, I have not seen any lorry in Bangalore, where am told, the households get the Cauvery river water in addition to the ground water. However, in Chennai, most localities and even apartment owners in entire gated communities depend on these lorries.

    Why not restrict these guys between 9.30PM and 11.30PM and between 4AM and 6AM, when the traffic is less? In any case, these lorry guys fill up the sump and the water is then pumped to the water tanks above. This arrangement will not cause any disturbance at all to anyone.

    What do members think of this suggestion?
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    Don't we feel that the elected government in the state hasn't been able to come-up with project implementation in order to stop this the so called, one of the biggest nuisances for smooth traffic, according to the author.

    I wasn't aware of this & this has come has come as a surprise for me that we got water crisis in a well known place of Chennai. It would be interesting to know about what the state government has initiated with the tasks in order to solve this on a permanent basis.

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    The water supply from the State Chennai Corporation is totally inadequate to meet the needs of this fourth largest city of India. The private lorries supplement whatever is given by the Corporation. Due you know that Chennai has expanded by leaps and bounds? Still,there has not been any substantial increase in the quantum of water supplied by the Corporation.

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    Wherever water problem is there, we find these lorries creating a lot of nuisance. The idea to regulate their timing is a good thought but seeing the large number of lorries required almost round the clock, we have to see whether it will be feasible to get same supply within that narrow band of time.

    Govt can definitely regulate them and allot the suitable time. Again if it coincide with the office going and returning time when already rush is there it will create another problem.

    The permanent solution is long time solution for water supply from far off places through a common grid.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I feel it is a good suggestion to limit the movement of big vehicles in the late and midnight hours. In cities like Mumbai, I have seen that big vehicles can enter the city premises only after 10 pm. This helps in reducing any disturbance to the already heavy traffic in the city areas.
    The other point mentioned above is about increasing the supply of water to the cities, is in itself a difficult process. The water management bodies are in a constant trouble of distributing usable water. The floods in recent years have made it difficult to contain and manage good water supply. Existing purification facilities, storage facilities are not capable to prevent the flow of water; add to that, the low lying areas in Chennai and surrounding areas.

    The improvement of all such facilities can happen only when the district, in fact, the whole of coastal areas come up with a robust plan to reduce the damages happening every year to the cities.

    Self-discipline brings success; but restraints too binding bring self-defeat.

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    In Hyderabad, we will find very fewer vehicles carrying water for domestic use. There is no water shortage. The Godavari water and Krishna water are diverted to the city and the water supply is good. Every alternative day we will get municipal water and underground bores are also there in many places. So the water vehicles problem on the road is not there and it may be very negligible in some areas of the city.
    As suggested by the author, it will be good if a certain time is only allotted to these lorries to come and supply water in the city, the traffic may get improved. Long back when NTR was the Chief Minister Telugu Ganga project was initiated to supply drinking water to Chennai. What is the present status of that project?
    What are the actions that are being taken by the State government to have a solution to this water problem is also not known? I feel the State Government should plan something to sort out this water crisis in Chennai.

    always confident

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    Sir the Telugu Ganga water is used In parts of North Chennai. But over exploitation of ground water is a huge problem. There are no rivers nearby. The rainwater harvesting schemes and the Veeranam schemes are okay. But the city still needs ten times the water that is now made available by the Corporation.

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    No water crisis in Chennai and Corporation of Chennai supplies water on every alternative day or once in three days. Chennai depends on 4 big lakes for water and usually these lakes gets filled during north east monsoon. Most of the residences have borewell as well.

    Mostly IT parks, Malls and big gated communities depends on lorries. Heavy vehicles don't have permission to enter into the city during peak hours as like in other cities except water and drainage cleaning lorries since these falls under essential categories.


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    #651871 / Dr Apurva Tamhane, pl. note that comparing the circumstances with the Mumbai is completely different as those heavy trucks are consisting of industrial raw materials to be used for production facilities or needs to get pass through in order to reach to the far of places & therefore in terms of water this can't be possible. It's not feasible to regulate on the basis of timing but for sure this can be possible on the basis of the intervals so as to not to make the traffic choked up. In addition to this the facilities like the employment & residence can also be extended to the nearby location so as to allocate the burden to the other areas & locations.

    Perhaps its a right time in order to initiate the awareness programs of the problems resulting out of population explosion & needs to think onto this on national perspective & above religion & faith. See everything is interrelated.

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