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    A great train robbery resolved, finally

    A gang of robbers from Madhya Pradesh land in Salem town and pretend to sell dolls and so on. They keep a close watch over a train called the Salem to Chennai express. It should be noted that this train then proceeds all the way to Mumbai from the iconic Chennai Egmore Railway Station.

    Over two years ago, these robbers had successfully cut open the upper portion of a bogie, had gone inside and robbed the train. The amount robbed was upwards of five crore rupees.

    How is this possible without inside information? Who passed on such vital information? Meticulous planning had been done. After this incident, there has not been a single robbery. The State CBCID police seem to have done an excellent job. They have taken the help of the ISRO officials to obtain all satellite images, which clearly showed the involvement of robbers from MP.The tracking of all phone calls made that night has helped the police to get clues. The police from several States have done an excellent job.

    Two guys were initially arrested and five more robbers have now been arrested. Hope the entire story will unfold from now on. This robbery might even become the script of some Tamil or Hindi movie. There is so much of masala in it.!!!

    One only hopes that such robberies do not happen again.
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    I thank the author for nicely describing the crime and the investigation process. It is mentioned in the title of the thread that the case is resolved, but after reading the thread it is understood that five more miscreants have been arrested recently which will be able to throw more light into the incident. From this, can we say the case is resolved? Possibly no, and yes it is true that nobody wants these type of robberies anywhere.

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    It's true if the robbery was continuing from last 2 years and the culprits are not getting caught that means something is wrong and the vital information is being shared with the robbers.

    It may not be possible that these two people were indulged in it. There may be a gang of many people which may be operating this racket. Police need to penetrate further to catch others otherwise this won't stop and the leaders will develop others.

    Anyways nice job done.


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    It is unfortunate that around 5 crores of rupees were stolen in a rail robbery. Now total seven people are in the custody. I hope the people concerned will get the complete information about the gang and they may take the other people in the gang also into custody and see that such acts will not happen again and again.
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