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    What do you think about agriculture platforms?

    What are your thoughts about agricultural platforms that make farmers aware about better agricultural practices?
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    India is an agriculture-based country. Although the other sectors are growing well, agriculture is still the biggest backbone of the economy. Since the past, traditional platforms like regional warehouses, middle agents and wholesale marketplaces have been the biggest platforms for farmers to come and sell their produce.
    Even to this date, these traditional platforms are yet the most sought ways to sell and earn profit from the produce.

    The government also came up with many initiatives where the government directly collects the whole production from the farmer and then sells it to the population.

    India as a country, is a vast place and is providing immense opportunities and internet selling places for the production has been gradually gaining hold. It is becoming another huge platform with a lot of clarity and transparency.

    Many software initiatives have come up in recent years. The aim of these software initiatives is to help farmers get updated information about the government prices, time of harvesting, soil information, the best time to put in seeds and how one can increase the production. These software and app are easily downloadable on smartphones, can work on GPRS or 2G internet data. Moreover, they are available in regional languages as well.
    Some of the popular platforms in this category are mentioned below:
    1. Mandi Trades - This is one of the oldest apps for agriculture business in India. This app initially gave information related to government prices of various goods. The app further also gave price alerts, agriculture news, government mandi prices. It has been quite popular among farmers from the south of India.

    2. CropIn: CropIn uses a lot of data analytics using various technologies. They provide forecast for planning the plantation of seeds, harvesting the crop. They also have a good database of financial lending institutions and risk management.
    CropIn also helps to connect with Crop Insurance providers, which gives a coverage of risk in case of destruction of the crops.
    CropIn also connects to government and advisors which help to increase the productivity of the farm and its sustainability.

    The various solutions provided by CropIn are smartfarm, mwarehouse, smartsales, smartrisk. These solutions help to being in complete digitization of the farm and easy reporting on the go.

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    The farmers in our country are already following various programs run by the Govt where they get information and help on many farming aspects right from soil quality to marketing. In our country this sector is very big and still a lot of efforts are required to bring it to desired level.

    Use of technology coupled with good crop price are the crucial factors for the development of this important area which is the source of livelihood for a large percentage of our population. Govt is doing many welfare and subsidy schemes for the people engaged in this sector but there are some middlemen who are misleading the farmers and making easy money for themselves.

    So some more platforms like online selling of crop directly to the parties avoiding the middlemen, online payments etc are required if the farmer is to be benefited by the Govt policies.

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    Farmers are the backbone of our country and India is an agriculture-based country only. But the lives of these farmers in India are yet to be improved. They don't have the guarantee of return of their investment. Another problem in our country is the involvement of middlemen. The farmers who struggle a lot will not be getting the advantage but the middlemen will be getting a lot of benefits.
    These days the direct marketing of their products through Farmer's bazaar is a chance provided to the farmers. Many people are getting benefitted by this. The government is trying to decide a minimum price which will be helpful to the farmers. Direct purchase of the material by the government is another initiative which will be very helpful to the farming community.

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    A large chunk of the workforce is in the field of agriculture and our economy is very much dependent on it. There are still some problems in the infrastructure and irrigation, but the government is taking many initiatives to improve the condition. The condition of the village roads in many places are not upto the mark which creates some hurdles to carry the produce for selling to big markets, but there are some progress to change the scenario.

    Many cold storages are coming up to store the produce for long time but there are many hoarders who are misusing these facilities. Due to these, farmers often do not get the required profits and from time to time the government issues direction so that the farmers can get the minimum support price for their produce. To give a boost to the farming sector, many incentive schemes and loans are provided, though lot more needed to be done by the government to improve the condition of farmers in many places.


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    Agriculture is main occupation of approximately 60% of Indian population. India is second largest fruit producer in the world. In spite of government taking various steps for farmers still many of the farmers are living under the line of poverty. This is irony that in spite of being the main occupation many of the farmers are still not leading good life. We hear lots of cases where farmers commit suicide due to lack of money or due to excessive loans on them.

    Government has taken many steps in favour of farmers so that they may get good earnings and can have good crops.

    Through radio and television government gives information and knowledge about agriculture. Loan is easily sanctioned for agriculture. Timely weather forecast is done for farmers so that they may take some precautionary measures. Various krishi centers are made so that farmers may get detailed information about particular crop. Fertilisers, seeds of good quality can be easily availed. Crop insurance is another step which government has taken so that farmers may not bear the loss due to crop failure because of natural calamities. Also the government has announced minimum support price for various crops removing the elements of uncertainty.


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