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Should we sometimes compromise and settle for what is given? Or should we refuse and try to find something better?
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    Beggars can't be choosers, if not then how can they be beggars?

    It's a proverb which means we must accept that what is given to us, especially if we don't have the means to avail it our self. It is an irony that we people don't get satisfied with what we have but always have the urge of wanting it more.

    It was the time when I passed my engineering course and was in a search of a job. I always wanted a good job having a salary in 5 digits which was too much for a fresher that time. I gave several interviews and was offered several jobs but I rejected them for one or other reason.

    Time was flying and I didn't get a job for almost 5 ~ 6 months. I decided that whatever job I will get I will do and finally got a job which was far below my expectations but I joined it just because I had no other option.

    That day I understood that beggars are no choosers. I repented for opportunities I lost and got a lesson that we should do some compromises in life as we can't find everything of our choice.

    Do you believe that we should do compromises in our life?
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    Well, the more choices you have, the more chances of getting confused. When you have too few options left, then you have to choose the best from those options. As mentioned in the thread, there are few students who after completing their education wait for the job of their choice for a long time which ultimately leads to frustration.

    Expectation without proper analysis may lead to a situation of this kind and everyone must analyze the reasons for being unsuccessful in any situation. For example, the present job scenario is not very encouraging, so, if a graduate, who is interested in taking up a job, declines few offers hoping that better opportunities will definitely come soon then it will be understood that she/he is not aware of the present scenario.

    Adjustment in different situations is an integral part of life since we have very little control on the happenings around the world. So, it is always better to find ways to fit ourselves in situations rather than thinking we can change every situation.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Yes. Sometimes we may not have many options left expect accepting the things that are coming to us. But my story is a little different. After my PhD, I have applied for many manufacturing industries for a post but I was not getting any response. My interest is to work in a good organisation and excel. I was awaiting a chance.
    Meanwhile, I was offered a job in a private engineering college a teaching job. I decided not to join and give a try for a job of my choice. My research guide was very unhappy and scolded my saying that my decision is a bad decision. But luckily after about a month, I got a job in a good Organisation and I joined. After 15 years of my service in the Industry, I met my research guide and he appreciated me for my decision.
    Sometimes we may be proved correct and sometimes the other way. But everything is predesigned by the creator I feel.

    always confident

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