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    Which operating system are you using for yourself?

    We all are programmed. Since childhood, we are learning different things from different sources. Just imagine what we are doing since we are here in this world. We are gathering all kind of information, storing them in the memory and retrieving them when required. We have a functional body and mind, which is our hardware. Everybody has the same basic hardware irrespective of the region or race, but the difference is in the operating system.

    It is like somebody is using Windows XP, another few are using Vista, few more Windows 8 or 10 and others may be using some Unix flavours. Microsoft ended the support of few of their earlier operating systems though few devices are still using them. In case of our own operating system, there is no external support and we are developing and releasing the new versions ourselves on changing the different codes of the program.

    We know that a program is basically a set of instructions and the more the coordination between our brain and our activities, the better is the output. We do things at times in our unconscious mind without thinking of the consequences and we get into trouble. Those are the bugs in the program and when we update the versions of our OS, they are fixed. So, while releasing a new version of our own operating system we must be careful enough and find the bugs which are needed to be fixed.
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    You nicely compared operating system with human mind. I currently am using Windows 7 on my PC. Now that according to me is the best operating system Windows has ever produced. It's look is professional. Phones can have 8 or 10, because those concentrate on making phones work like a PC. Windows operating systems have a very little difference. They only update minor changes.
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    An intelligent post where the author has compared our own operating system in our mind with the one we are using in our computers.

    It is very true that all of us are hardwired almost similarly except subtle changes in height, colour and robustness which could have come there consequent to the evolutionary processes at different geographic and climatic conditions.

    Certain traits and attributes are already present in us hereditarily and they also play a vital role in our life. There are some unique sensors in our body which are capable of doing mysterious things and which are done by the body before we know about that. What I am talking is reflex actions and body's own immune systems. So there is already a lot of things available in our body before we acquire an operating system from our upbringing and social fabric around us.

    The feeling of hunger, anger, desire, happiness etc are already existing in our hardware and what we learn through our acquired operating system is how to manage and tame those aspirations in the real life. At times our operating system may pick up virus and malware from the society and then it requires great efforts and determination to eradicate those vices from our mind and body. So cleaning and rejuvenation of our operating system is also required time to time for attaining a meaningful life.

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    A nice comparison. Yes. Our body is the hardware and brain is the CPU. As per the instructions from the brain, we will be acting and continuing our acts. Like computers, the memory of individuals vary. Some can store more information in their minds and some may not. Some people react fast and some may be slow.
    When we are trying to change our ways and means we should thoroughly understand the implications and then only we should adapt ourselves to the new environs. It very difficult unlike from a computer to remove the bugs in our mind and the effects of the virus will be more serious in our lives.

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