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    Always share the nostalgic lighter moments of life

    Isn't it fun to relive long ago moments of childhood? Did you share nostalgic moments of somebody's pranks and the fun times you had when that person was a kid? Bring to life again that nostalgia!

    Children are always children. Their pranks and their temper tantrums. Their innocent ways, their probing questions when they become a bit older, all these are memories housed deeply in our minds. If some close relatives and friends come calling years later and get to see the old photographs, some of those whose memory is even more razor sharp than ours, vividly describe the background of each photograph, and we get to keep laughing for hours.

    This is exactly what happened a few days ago. A neighbour in whose house my son would literally run around and do all his mischief, had the lovely stories to recall, even those that my wife and I could not remember. It was fun for over three hours.

    And when we got to speak to him over the phone, it was more fun. The neighbour was able to recall every single incident, and our son added his own version to each story.!! About our daughter, there was even more fun, as she was a premature and hyperactive child, who was ten times more naughty.

    Such fun and nostalgic memories keep us engaged. We can even forget our present worries and do some serious work. Do you have such memories?
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    Many times our family members also sit together recall the old memories of my children's activities.
    In our neighbour's house, there was a kid of around one year of age in 2010. She used to be cute and myself and my wife used to take her int our house and used to play with her. She used to like chocolates and we used to offer her chocolates. Now she is around 18 years and she is in her degree. They shifted the house but we will be meeting often. We will remind her of the activities of her those days and she feels very happy to hear those incidents.
    Now we are having a fun time with our granddaughter who completed one year on 23rd October 2018. We are having a very nice time with her and we are spending a good time with her.

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    It's always interesting to share those wonderful memories after a certain time. The memories may be between friends, relatives, neighbours and even associated with workplaces too. In our busy schedule, sharing nice memories bring back those moments and our mind becomes lighter.

    Recently, I met a school friend after a long time and we discussed how we spent our days in the school. During student life many students give funny names to their friends and call them in that name even now. We started to discuss about those funny incidents after which we named our friends keeping in mind that particular moment. We laughed and inquired about few of our common friends with whom I have limited contact. It's so special to meet school friends after a long time.


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    Yes it happens when we recall old memories we are lost in them. I remember my childhood time when me and my elder brother were naughty. We recently went to one of our relative where she told us how naughty we were and how we destroyed their house when we came to stay there for just two days in our childhood. She used to say that she has never seen such naughty kids in her life. My wife was laughing and was thanking God that our kids are not that much naughty.

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