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    We are so much wrapped up in ourselves that we don't need plastic anymore, do we?

    It is strange as we talk about our earth being drastically polluted by our activities but we don't control it ourselves and only when a government takes an action it gets controlled. Why the hell we don't do it by ourselves?. Its high time that we have to check what we are doing.

    Plastic a substance which is making us its slave. Just for anything, we need plastic. We can't imagine anything without it but we don't know how much its harmful for us and our future generation as it doesn't decompose. It's like a parasite which is eating up our earth. It is growing faster than bacteria and we must act together to stop its growth and ultimately its growth to prevent our earth from destruction.

    Here are a few things which I am going to follow in life:
    I am not going to use plastic straws, liquid soap contained in a plastic bottle but will use soap bars, no wrapped food but fresh food, buy wood toys for kids instead of plastic toys. These are few things through which I may contribute. What about you? How will you contribute?
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    The usage of Plastic has become very high these days. Plastic has become a part of our life and without that, we can't have a single peaceful day. But we are not able to understand how much the earth is getting polluted with this material. It is good slowly people started understanding the problems associated with the usage of plastic and I appreciate the author for taking good initiative for controlling the usage of plastic.
    We never use liquid soap. We use only soap bars for hand wash, utensils wash and clothes wash. We started carrying a cloth bag for vegetable purchase. Carry bags made of plastic are not being used every time and we will try to reuse as much as possible. Like this everybody should start minimising the consumption of plastic so that the earth will be saved from the bad effects of this plastic.

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    It is good to know that the author is taking a resolution to stop the use of plastics in everyday life and I thank him for reminding us again to stop the use of this non-biodegradable material. It is true that unless the government is acting tough, we are less bothered about the environment.

    We all know the ill effects of plastic but there are many people who are not at all concerned. The local municipalities in many areas are warning the shopkeepers to stop providing plastic bags to the customers to carry the items and there are few cases where the rules are flouted too.

    People do insist for plastic bags for carrying the items they purchase and in many localities the shopkeepers are using bags of eco-friendly materials as an alternative to plastic bags. To implement the restriction on use of plastic bags in a stricter way, the local municipalities should impose penal measures to stop people from using plastic bags that causes pollution.


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    Some of the technological advancements have their ill side effects and plastic is one of them. It is everywhere from thin plastic bags to heavy duty machinery.

    Govt and the environmental scientists say that a particular type of plastics are harmful and not all are so. For example thin plastic sheets are giving toxic fumes in the air but thick one do not degrade like that and they can be safely recycled.

    It means that if certain segments of plastic industry are properly monitored and controlled then the problem can be addressed to a great extent.

    Unfortunately this is not happening. We do not have suitable and stern governance to check and arrest these things at the manufacturing level.

    Catching a few people using harmful plastic in the market and fining them is not going to help until unless the problem is taken up at the grass root level that is the manufacturing hubs.

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    Plastic is non biodegradable substance and reduce fertility of soil when thrown on the land and chokes river, ponds, oceans when thrown in water and affects aquatic life so we must not use plastic but use its alternative if available.

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