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    There is enough scope for optimism now

    After a huge increase in petrol prices, the Government seems to be doing something. Prices are coming down. A huge number of new jobs seem to be happening once again, in areas like organized retail, telecom and tourism.Kerala, for instance is going full blast to ensure that tourism becomes their money spinner once again.

    We also need to make sure that the inflation does not go out of control. The protectionist policies of the US administration is bound to only increase the reverse brain drain. In other words, the professionals will be back and will go hunting for the best jobs.

    However,we cannot and should not neglect agriculture. Enough damage has already been done by simply uprooting thousands from the villages and making them work as construction workers. This has happened due to poor water management records of State Governments, like for example,in Tamil Nadu.

    In the short term, some encouraging signs are now being seen. There is scope for optimism still. Let us only hope that the times to come will also be better.
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    A very good analytical thread. In this limited space, the issues raised by the author can't be discussed threadbare. But I must say that the Government and industries must fully utilize the capability of Indian professionals who would return due to the current policy of the US Government.

    The price of the petroleum products is coming down, which many of us anticipated. This is partly due to the oncoming Assembly elections.

    However, I have doubts about the agriculture sector. Despite so much advancement in technology, our agriculture is largely dependant on monsoon. This should not happen in an advanced country like India. We must take long-term steps to reduce farmer's dependence on monsoon. This would take time.

    We must give stress on Government's 'Make in India' scheme. This has huge potential. If properly planned and implemented, this scheme can solve our unemployment problem to a large extent.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Always human beings are optimistic only. They will wait in the dark expecting light shortly. If this optimism is not there the lives of human beings will become horrible. we can't be sure of petrol prices. They are changing every day and we can't say that they will further come down. However, it is good that there is some reduction. Regarding the employment creation, I am also of the opinion that the chances are getting improved. But the youth should work and improve their skills in such a way that they will have good chances of getting employment. There are many posts for which employers are unable to get the qualified persons.
    I agree with the author that the agriculture sector should also get enough encouragement. Otherwise, there will be a big problem in this sector. The State government should think of modern technology usage in the sector wherein good yields with less investment and less water can be attained. The AP government under the CM Naidu has already implemented some measures in this direction.

    always confident

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