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    Why not engage transgenders far better and give them fresh hope?

    It is pathetic to find transgenders beg in most EMU trains in Chennai. Sometimes they beg in the day express trains too. The legal position is that they have equal rights.

    Yet, they do not even seem to get the bare minimum means to survive. They should be guided by some non-government organizations to get some good training in skills that will enable them to stand on their own feet.

    Let us actively promote public discourses and also bring their plight to the notice of good voluntary organizations. Don't they deserve such training? We need to also ensure that there is some sort of adult education organized for them. The public generally are irritated by their behaviour of physically touching them and pleading for money.

    Very urgently, something should be done. On my part, I will try my best to bring this to the notice of organizations like Banyan, that is already doing solid work. Yet, I guess there is so much more to be done.

    Members may highlight constructive action done in their own cities. We need to explore some ways to help these human beings.
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    In our society, the transgenders were not treated like humans but were considered a different species. Now things are slowly changing. The social taboo and stigma are very strong in affecting our behaviour and concern from them. In society they were a neglected lot and still that mindset is continuing in all of us.

    The new rules and regulations considering them at par and providing them equal opportunity in applying for jobs is definitely going to bring much needed change in this respect.

    The transgenders have their own separate dwellings and communities and they have a voluntarily elected leader or Guru who guides them to go to different areas in a city or town and collect money for their livelihood. Earlier whenever a transgender was born in a family they took it to their possession and that was the reason for their flourishing numbers.

    They are seen now loitering in the streets and begging especially where they are not much organised and are on their own.

    Now things will slowly change as these people will get exposure to education and can sit comfortably in class rooms with other students and get educated. The problem is the existing ones who are not educated and are in their mid forties and so and have no way to change their way. They will be seen like that for some time as we do not have any concrete plan for their rehabilitation. No doubt the NGOs, Govt agencies and volunteer groups are working in this direction but in reality it is a massive task to bring them in the main stream.

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    The percentage of this community is very less in society and recently they are also getting all the chances like the other two genders. But they don't want to improve their lives and they want to spend their lives in begging only. In many cities, these people have started demanding money but not requesting. If they see any shamiana in front of any building they come as a group and create problems there and will not move out until they get the expected money from the owner of the house. They think that is their birthright. Initially, two or three will come and demand money. If they couldn't get the money as per their expectation, they will bring more people in two or three autos. They start creating an ugly situation before the house.
    These people should change their mindset and try to go ahead with the people and improve their education and get respectable jobs and enjoy their lives. Unless otherwise, they change their attitude nobody can help them. Already we are seeing some change in some sections of this gender. Hope that will further improve.

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    The condition of transgender is pathetic. Here in Delhi not only in trains they can be seen on traffic signals begging for alms. And they behave strangely when someone doesn't give them money. Some of them beg because they don't like working and some don't because of the society.

    For the later NGOs should come up and help them to get some work or to start small business.


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    The author has most likely confused the term transgender to describe the eunuchs. Transgenders are a different group of people and are not eunuchs.

    The people who are seen seeking (demanding) alms are eunuchs; they are also known as 'hijras'.

    It is Indian cultural and traditional mindset that makes acceptance of the third gender a taboo. They have been wrongly outcast for centuries. There are myths and beliefs surrounding them. For instance, being cursed by them can bring bad luck and their blessings can bring happiness and ward off evil. It will take time for people to change their beliefs. There are so many wrongs in society that need to be corrected.

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    Yes. I was thinking that they are also called transgenders. In Tamil, they are just called onbothu. Which means number 9. I do not know this term has come into usage at all.

    Thanks for the clarification.

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    It is unfortunate that many eunuchs are begging in streets or public transports and they are doing it because there is a social stigma attached to their identity. When the society is unable to accept them they have to find different means to earn a livelihood.

    For a better understanding about the term transgender, I would request the author to check the following link for relevant details. We are guided by the mindset that was followed during our upbringings and it will take a lot of time to change that. There are people who make a fun about the eunuchs and awareness is the only way to change the mindset.

    Eunuchs are deprived of basic facilities and there must be effective schemes from the government end to make their living condition better. There was a proposal few years ago to start a monthly pension for the eunuchs by the municipality of Delhi and there are lot more to be done by different organizations with active support from the government. Eunuchs coax and harass people because of the attitude of the society towards them, so society also has a great role to play to recognize them as a part of the mainstream.


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    Eunuchs community would not like to have any change in their condition since they are habituated wth the style they are following. Their strength is their own community and in case of any adverse circumstances, they would turn up in the large numbers to defend the affected Eunuchs. Unless the some agencies come up with the sole intention to upgrade their lives by providing them their basic needs in the form of medicines in case of sickness, providing assistance to their children, there is no chance of reversal of their condition.
    Hope, with the time, they would adopt certain benificial measures such as sending their wards to schools, starting some business on pilot scale fetching them a decent amount to meet their expenses and in that way, they would learn to lead a dignified life. At this stage, it appears to be a dream.

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