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    When will we have durable roads in our cities?

    The monsoon has not even started. The rains have just come down. With this ridiculously low amount of rain, in Chennai, most of the roads are flooded. Potholes are back again. It is nightmarish to manage the traffic. The car population is around twenty times more than what it was some ten years ago. The fourth largest city of India is teeming with millions.

    Yet, the roads are in such a pathetic condition. It is not only Chennai. I saw damaged roads in Bangalore too. Why is that we are made to ride in such unsafe conditions? We pay through our nose all the taxes. We are also honest citizens who obey all traffic rules.

    Will public interest litigation help in such matters? We have some success in litigation, but one wonders whether the entire operations of the Chennai Corporation can be handed over to private parties. Will this work?

    How do we save our cities like Chennai? How do we get durable roads? What do members have to say on this?
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    Why you always remind everybody that the Tamilnadu government is corrupt. These days many governments and many people involved in this governance are corrupt and corruption has become a part and parcel of the governance these days. Not only the politicians in power but also the bureaucrats are getting involved in corruption and encouraging these practices. So I think one need not specifically say that so and so is corrupt.
    Coming to the position of the roads, even in Hyderabad also the condition of the roads are very bad. Some contractors even drew the money saying that the road work is completed but they never started the work. Even in some main areas of the city in summer itself the roads got damaged and now they will further go bad. Now the elections and nobody will have time to see the condition of roads.
    This year rains are very less and no good rains these days but the roads are in pathetic condition. Unless otherwise these politicians leave their selfish attitude and start working for the society, nobody can improve the situation. Let us hope and wait for good days.

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    Maintenance of roads are definitely in the handschool of government. But how many of us seeking permission before digging. Many cable persons etc., dig the road and closes in a haphazard manner. Are we expecting the government people should stand behind them and do the repair work immediately? In Chennai the road opposite to a well known hospital found stagnated water at every rain since last 40 years. This was told by government that earlier the hospital authorities informed them as they would take care of the road and did accordingly earlier. But when the management comessage in the hands of youngsters,they refuse to do so. Tug of war. Similar things everywhere.

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    The maintenance of the roads anywhere in our country, except highways and some priviledged area roads, is very very poor. The patch work or thin tar cover, both are not upto the mark.

    One solution can be to lay down thick concrete roads which are expensive but durable. Some of the people who are making money during the maintenance spree of the city roads may not be happy with this arrangement and may influence the decision makers not to approve such proposals.

    So, definitely corruption is the root cause of this poor maintenance and many cities are suffering with this problem.

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    The same is the case in Delhi also, road conditions here also is not good. Pot holes, water logging, unwanted breakers, brokage are everywhere which hampers the traffic and is one of the major cause of the accidents on the roads.

    This is because of the government and the corruption. Contracts are given to the people who don't construct roads by applying appropriate material and the result is rods get break in short time. Also they are not maintained, it takes several days to repair such roads. Its sad that in spite of paying various taxes we have to use such roads. Nothing much we can do for it just blaming and cursing government.


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